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Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies you must follow in 2023

Digital Marketing Strategies,Internet,Marketing Strategies . 

We should all know by now that the internet is going to stay here for a long time and is one of the most powerful marketing tools. As of now, there are over 5 billion users in the world, and the numbers are only rising daily. 

This is the main reason why almost all brands and companies are going for digital marketing to gain more and gain traffic to their websites. But that doesn’t make digital marketing an easy job to do. The answer would be No. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and updating its tools. 

This means as a digital marketeer, you have to be well-informed about the changes and updates that happen in digital marketing. But this is one of the most exciting avenues for marketing, and it is the future. 

So let’s check out a few of the digital marketing strategies that are a must for 2022. 

1. Multi-Platform Strategy

In order to get the most amount of traffic to your website, is to have a social media presence. But having one or two social media accounts is not enough. You have to have a social media presence on all popular social media platforms. 

Managing all these platforms might seem complicated, but with time it will develop into a habit. With a multi-platform presence, you are you can cater to different audience types and compete with your competitors at the same time. 

With multiple platforms, you need to know how to communicate with them, as each platform works differently. Where Instagram is more about pictures and videos, Twitter is about short captions and hashtags. Facebook, on the other hand, is a mixture of all. But all your posts should work in proper sync. 

2. Influencer Marketing

Who are influencers, you may ask? Influencers are people who have a lot of followers on certain social media platforms and have a loyal fan base for their content. 

In influencer marketing, brands and companies usually collaborate with influencers with a huge number of followers to endorse their brand or product. In return, the brand pays a commission to the influencer. 

In a study, it was found that the audience has less trust in the self-promotion of brands and advertisements, about 66%. But in the case of influencer marketing, it has been seen that about 63% audience trust the brand promotions as they trust the influencers. 

The influencers are more relatable and engaging than the celebrities used in the advertisements, which makes them more trustworthy. 

3. Brand Storytelling

In this modern day of automation, no one would buy a product from a faceless blob. A brand needs to have a story, a character, and a personality to it. Through this story, they build a relationship with the customers and build trust and loyalty. 

To build a story for your brand, you need to know what your brand wants to say, what it represents, and its values. All these combined are what makes a brand successful brand story. In this era of social media marketing building, a brand around a story is highly successful. 

And after building a story, you need to stick by it and not take it for granted.  If you do that, then your customers are going to leave you for being a hypocrite. But if your story stays with your customers, then they will also promote your brand themselves. 

4. Mobile-Friendly Marketing

For every progressive and new-age brand, it is important to have mobile-friendly marketing strategies. Consumers are all hooked to their phones constantly, so to take that as an advantage, your brand should have mobile marketing strategies on point. 

But you may ask why mobile marketing is important as a tool for the marketing funnel, then here is why,

  • About 60% of consumers go directly to the search engine result page through their phones. 
  • About 59% of consumers love brands that have online shops which are mobile-friendly. 
  • And about 58% of the consumers prefer brands that have their previous browser history and shopping behavior saved.

But the basic reason why mobile-friendly brands are popular is consumers can use them wherever and whenever they want.

5. Automation Marketing

In simpler terms, automation marketing means making daily repetitive tasks automatic so as to not waste time on them. There are a lot of these tasks that need automation on a daily basis. Like ending emails, push notifications, and even customer service.  

Most of the time, these tasks are done through AI chatbots for time management and reducing human effort. There are a lot of advantages of using automation marketing as well. They help to generate sales lead and takes care of the already generated leads. 

They are sales tools that are used to send coupons and discounts to the leads who are on the verge of converting into consumers. These automation tools help to segment your audience based on their purchasing behavior. They are great for decoding patterns that you and I can’t even see. 

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6. Chatbot Marketing

Do you know what chatbots are? They are computerized programs that are used to talk to customers and solve their issues. They are the best alternative for human interaction and are used to improve the user experience and service. They are one of the best marketing tools used by brands. 

Facebook Ads and Google ads already use chatbots to optimize their campaign marketing and solve customer problems. But these are not the only use of chatbots; it is well appreciated for the 24x7 customer service that they offer. 

These chatbots are also used to gather important insights and data regarding the campaigns. And also, by using bots, you are cutting down on human labor and also expenses. 

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You can never learn everything about marketing, as it is a dynamic process and is constantly evolving. To be ahead of all your competitors, you need to use the best strategies and SEO-friendly content. 

The revolutionary discovery of digital marketing has helped brands a lot to generate leads and attract more consumers to them. More so that digital marketing has become a side hustle idea for many individuals. It is the most in-demand marketing technique in the market. 

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