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Exposed: Mind-blowing Old Secrets to Effectively Manage Your Contingent Workforce

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We cannot stop agreeing to the fact that COVID-19 did stir up a lot. It gave everyone stress, tension, breakdowns, and whatnot. Losses were massive in many aspects. A year or so might have gone by but we are all still in shock. We still are scared about a global health crisis coming around even though things are gradually getting back to normal. But it surely has taught everyone one thing – doing more with less.

Permanent workers have unlocked a new challenge of learning how to work from home (or anywhere else) and companies have started to accept it. Contingent workers are on a rise. There may be several benefits, like saving a lot on work venue and other relative things. But how do you plan on managing the projects or their deadlines? We’ll tell you how.


Flentis Corporation has exposed how can contingent workforce be managed effectively in no time. They have proved ways that the workforce balances their personal as well as professional lives as the business continues to get profits, achieve success, and grow with stability.


  • Treat Contingent Workers as a Part of Your Firm

Several companies took a huge leap when they replaced their full-time workers as a cost-saving strategy by simultaneously hiring contingent workers. The idea? Not that bad. Having remote workers can provide plenty of flexibility. The freedom from a fixed venue, work hours, lumpsum payments, etc., and openness to skillful labor, project-based workers, simpler payments, faster success, more growth, and much more is what you see in terms of progress.

Make your gig workers feel as if they are a part of your company, not by money or by giving them work, but by treating them that way. Have a proper introduction, conduct meetings, encourage them to attend the company’s social events or networking events, have a get-together, etc. Even if they are temporary workers for your firm, do not make them feel that because any other company was already doing so. And you need to prove that your business is better. This is one way to do it. So, from the beginning, connect with them.


  • Communication is the Key as they Adjust with the Company

Nothing beats a traditional employee when it comes to connection and bonds. When it comes to business goals, permanent employees may be able to connect better as their goals in life align with your business whereas contingent workers may not necessarily have the same aim as yours.

Aligning your destination with theirs can be challenging but you can overcome this with consistent two-way communication. You need to help them connect with your firm, the products, what it does, etc. Communication doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to place a call. In between switch up your game by sending in newsletters, having a company messaging portal, or having a platform where they feel connected and present in the organization. FlentisPRO VMS can be really helpful with this one. 


  • Feedback from Your Contingent Workforce is Important

Keeping a tab on your workers is one thing, but how do you know if you are performing well? How would you know that your employees are satisfied with their job or the company or even the culture? The best way to judge your organization is by letting your employees judge you and provide you with feedback.

You just need to create a feedback form and submit it to your workforce, even the remote workers. When you receive responses, you will see what changes your workers expect, where you lack, what is working for them, what is going against them, suggestions they make, their thoughts/ideas/concerns, etc. Including everyone gives you a deeper insight into your business and a platform for your workforce to be felt included.


  • Establishing Expectations from both Parties is Essential

This is similar to when you hire anybody. Tell them your expectations from them, know what they expect, and get to a common ground. You have certain expectations like deliverables, compensations, timelines, length of agreements, and much more that are important and must be discussed. Your candidate will have their own expectations from you like benefits, bonuses, growth, stability, etc.

If you are ready to invest in a resource that gives you their time and skills, then you can definitely provide realistic asks. They too grow with you, boost their internal skills, contribute to your firm, and become loyal over time. When you need to finalize the contract, create a draft with exact details, and make changes till everyone agrees on it. Just make sure it is clear than water.


  • Growth Opportunities are a Must for Gig Workers

Your workers are not only working to polish the skills that they already have but also are looking for growth opportunities within the company. They need space to develop underlying skills which they might have never paid attention to. You can increase the value of their services by providing them with that platform to grow.

Understand what kind of candidate you are hiring and what they aspire. This information can help you identify their future with the company. You can develop a strong relationship with your candidates and get in touch with them again for future positions that relate to their aspirations. It also gives you a better position to retain those employees.


  • Deploying the Tech Tools to Manage Your Workforce

Permanent employees are a tad bit easier to manage especially if your business runs on-site. But what will you do when everyone works from different locations in the world? Get a smart VMS like FlentisPRO. This VMS not only manages your contingent workforce platforms smartly but can also manage your candidates in their talent pool, provide you with more talents, track performances, keep a tab of KPIs, manage expenses, and do furthermore.

Don’t worry about clocking in or out, scheduling meetings, having video conferences, tracking payrolls, management of invoices, viewing the calendar, missing out on meetings, etc. because this tech platform can do it all. Flawlessly manage your entire business challenges with a hair flip or a hair stroke when you integrate with FlentisPRO VMS.


All of this concludes with one thing and that is old is gold polished by a touch of new things. Flentis Corporation dug into the oldest secrets and adapted them to the strategies of this generation. Organizations were flattered and loved the idea. So, we shared them with you. The oldest firms play their game this way and make it big to stay there. Now it’s your turn.

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