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Getting to Know Commercial Drones: A Beginners’ Guide

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Commercial drones are continuously growing and becoming an invaluable tool for various industries. This remotely controlled aircraft can carry out myriad tasks, including surveying and inspecting difficult-to-reach places, coordinating emergency response, delivering goods in remote areas, and more. 

In this article, discover the basic information about commercial drones, including how they aid industries and their applications. Read the considerations for getting a commercial drone and better understand this technology. 

Defining Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are usually known for various purposes, including photography, mapping, surveillance, package delivery, etc. Commercial drones come in various shapes, sizes, and capabilities, from large multi-rotor drones that can carry heavy payloads to smaller single-rotor models designed for portability. They can be operated autonomously or manually, often with a remote control system.

A common ground for every commercial drone is its versatility and cost-effectiveness, which made it popular among businesses and consumers. Whether for business purposes such as aerial photography, surveillance, package delivery, or just having fun flying around a neighborhood, commercial drones offer an exciting new way to explore the view from above. 

What are the Uses of Commercial Drones?

With the variety of applications a commercial drone can offer, here are some of the most known uses of it. 

Aerial Photography & Videography

Commercial drones are now becoming popular among photographers and filmmakers due to their ability to capture promising aerial shots that would otherwise be impossible with a standard camera. Drones provide an accessible way to capture unique, wide-angle views of landscapes or cityscapes. 

Surveying and Mapping

Drone technology aids in mapping out large areas quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. This technology is beneficial for surveying land or other terrains that would otherwise be difficult to traverse by ground. It is also a great help in effective urban planning

Inspection and Monitoring

The technology is also known for monitoring and inspection purposes, especially for hard-to-reach places such as buildings, bridges, power lines, and pipelines. They allow technicians to safely observe from a high vantage point without putting themselves in harm's way.

Surveillance System

Security forces increasingly use commercial drones to monitor large areas for potential threats. It allows them to monitor a wide area, alerting them of any suspicious activity and helping keep citizens safe. For instance, commercial drones for agriculture support farmers in strengthening their security without needing an additional workforce. 

Delivery Services

Commercial drones are also growing in the delivery service sector. Companies like Amazon are experimenting with drone deliveries, which could be a fast and cost-effective way to transport goods over short distances.

Industries that Utilize Commercial Drone

Businesses across many industries have begun to utilize the benefits of commercial drones, making them an integral part of their operations. Here are just a few of the industries where commercial drones have been making a significant impact:

  • Agriculture: Commercial drones for agriculture allow farmers to monitor crop health, study soil conditions, and even apply pesticides. 
  •   Construction: Drones help map construction sites and inspect progress. They also help builders safely check hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. 
  •   Mining: Drones allow miners to quickly assess the safety of their mines as well as collect data for analysis. 
  •   Real Estate: Real estate agents use drones to take aerial photos and videos of properties. It provides potential buyers with a unique perspective they wouldn't get otherwise. 
  • Media and Entertainment: Another prominent use of commercial drones is their aid in media and entertainment, from capturing cinematic shots to live broadcasting events. 
  • Logistics & Delivery: As mentioned earlier, some companies now see commercial drones' potential for delivery purposes. On the other hand, some warehouses have already utilized the technology for logistics purposes. 
  • Search and Rescue Missions: Best commercial drones have aided several emergencies by locating missing people effectively and efficiently in remote and inaccessible areas. 
  • Energy & Utilities: Companies use drones to inspect power lines, pipelines, and other infrastructure safely and quickly. 
  • Environmentalism: Drones make monitoring nature reserves and threatened species easier, providing invaluable environmental data.
  • Tourism: These days, tourism has also taken advantage of this technology as it can share extensive aerial views of landmarks that can entice tourists. 

 Qualities for Best Commercial Drones

Getting the best commercial drones is a game-changer for any drone user, beginner or professional. Here are some notable qualities to check in getting the best one. 

#1. Battery Life

Ensure the drone has enough battery power to cover its intended usage without frequent recharging. It is essential in long-distance flying or shooting video, as carrying extra batteries. 

#2. Durability

It is efficient to check the durability of these commercial drones as it is usually an aid for rugged terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Best commercial drones come from high-quality materials that withstand bumps, drops, and windy conditions. 

#3. Camera Quality

The drone must support a high-quality camera for aerial photography or video. Look at the camera's resolution and read reviews to see what other users have said about its performance. Top commercial drones have incredible lenses that can produce crisp and vivid footage.

#4. Price

The price tag on commercial drones can vary significantly. The best one should fit the budget and maintain the target goal. Hence, keep tight research before getting one

#5. Flight time

Take note of the drone flight time capability. See how it can fly long enough for the intended purpose. Look at the manufacturer's specifications and read user reviews to get a comprehensive idea of how long it takes for batteries to run out. 

A shortlist of top commercial drone recommendations: 

Here is a short list of some of the top commercial drones on the market today: 

  •   DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2: This drone is considered one of the best in terms of features and price point.
  •   Parrot Anafi Drone: This drone has an ultra-portable design and a powerful camera to capture stunning visuals. 
  •   Autel Robotics EVO II: This powerful yet compact drone boasts impressive range and flight time.
  •   ZenaDrone 1000: This robust drone is known for commercial use. It offers an integrated thermal camera for inspections, surveying, and mapping. 
  • Skydio X2: This drone supports complex aerial maneuvers for efficient aerial operation.  

Commercial drones have become a popular and accessible way to enter the drone world. Anyone can get into this technology with enough knowledge, budget, and will. 

And for any beginner, see how this technology will help you. Whether to use them for recreational, photography, or commercial purposes, it is an exciting technology that can bring many fun and unique experiences.

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