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How Does a Scattering Tube Work and What Does It Mean?

Scattering Tube . 

Learn about scattering tubes and their applications.
A cardboard or paper tube used to store cremation ashes is called a scattering tubes for ashes. The tubes can occasionally be fashioned of bamboo or wood. Moreover, they have a fitting lid.
There are various uses for a dispersion tube (see options in our store here). These are the four applications for a scattering tube.

1) Ashes are transported to a location for scattering:

Cremation ashes are best transported in a scattering tube, which is frequently used to transfer the ashes to a location for scattering. Some people like to spread their cremated remains over a river, lake, or body of water. The family cottage or another favourite area where a person spent time over their lifetime may occasionally serve as the location.

2) Airborne transfer of ash

The ash container must be able to go through an X-ray machine in order to transport cremation ashes through airport security. A dispersing tube serves this purpose well because it can be examined by security workers at security checkpoints and is composed of paper, cardboard, or, in certain cases, bamboo or wicker. They are devoid of metal.

3) Ash interment

A scattering tube can also make a great container for ashes that will be interred in a grave because it is biodegradable. The cardboard or paper used to make the tube will eventually deteriorate in the ground, releasing ashes that will eventually mix with the soil. The material will take longer to degrade if you use a bamboo or wicker dispersing tube, but as these are formed of natural materials, the tube will eventually degrade.

4) Container for ash storage
It is equally appropriate to retain ashes in a scattering tube, even though some individuals prefer to purchase an urn with more artistic or decorative features to exhibit in their homes. The only thing to bear in mind is that because tubes are made of paper or cardboard, it is imperative to store them indoors where it is dry. These can be used to keep ashes for a longer amount of time if necessary, however they are often only used for short-term storage.

Using a scattering tube
An inner tube with a removable cover and an outer tube make up a scattering tube. Also, the lid contains a perforation that, when activated, will open, releasing the ashes inside as they are dispersed and the tube is shaken.

The ashes, which are a fine off-white powder, should first be added to the inner tube. Put that inside the attractive outer tube, then cover the tube. It is recommended to perform this before a ceremony for dropping flowers in a dry, enclosed area without any wind or air movement.

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