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How To Make A Chocolate Box At Home? Step By Step Guide

Chocolates are the love of all. From children to olds, everyone loves to bite chocolates at any time. When you are planning to pack chocolates or give someone a special day or there is an event at home, chocolate needs charming chocolate boxes. Chocolate packaging boxes are very much popular these days. They are strong and durable, keeping chocolates safe. Their food-grade material selection makes them best to store chocolate without fear of losing quality and taste. In addition to it, designed chocolate boxes with decorations and embellishments give chocolate boxes an enhanced look. The personalized designs complement the product for special use and enhance the joy of the event.

How to make a chocolate box at home can be a fun and creative project. In this simple guide, we will learn a step-by-step guide to know how to make a chocolate box:

Materials Needed:

You have to gather all the materials for making a chocolate box. Materials are needed to make a perfect box. Otherwise, you will not be able to create the perfect box you want to make. Here is the materials list, you need in the process. 

  • Material: Cardstock or Chipboard
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Decorative materials
  • Glue

Step 1: Material Selection

It is essential to select the perfect material for a chocolate box. There are a variety of material options that result perfectly for presenting chocolate. These are cardstock, paperboard, cardboard, rigid, and kraft. These materials are robust, strong, and nontoxic to give perfect protection to the chocolate. Non-toxic materials will retain the quality and taste of chocolate and keep it safe from external factors. Therefore, it is essential to choose the perfect material for your chocolate packaging boxes.

Step 2: Measuring The Box

After material selection, you need to measure the chocolate box. It is mandatory because it needs to be perfect and well-fitted for chocolate. You need measuring tape to measure it precisely. Then, measure the chocolate, and fit it on the material sheet. Mark it with a pen or marker. However, you need to measure 1.5 inches on all sides more than required. It will work as extra space that will be occupied during the assembling process. 

Step 3:Cutting The Material

After marking, it is time to cut the material. Use a cutter. Cut market portion of the material. It may require some force or technique. But you have to be precise and stew in the cutting process. 

Step 4: Printing The Chocolate Boxes

After cutting the material sheet, you can use printing options to digitally design your chocolate boxes. You can use digital printing or offset printing. However, you can simply use decorative paper if the printing facility is not at home. 

Step 3: Making The Cover

Take precise measurements and cut the cover so it just overlaps the chipboard bottom. Put some glue on the chipboard and carefully place it on the cover. Make clean folds in the cover material as you fold it over the chipboard. Cover it up with adhesive and make sure it stays fit.

Step 5: Assembling The Box

Apply more glue to the inside corners of the chocolate boxes to assemble them. Use enough portion of the glue so it remains adhesive and well fitted to withstand harsh transit processes. This will guarantee long-lastingness and steadiness. You can firmly push the corners using a bone folder. Moreover, you can put a sheet inside the chocolate packaging boxes that will act as lamination. It will divide chocolate from the material and will keep chocolate tasty and uncontaminated.

Step 6: Decorate the Box

After the box is assembled and glue is dried, it is time to decorate it with designs, stickers, and other visuals to make it perfect for special use. You can glue the already decorated sheet with the box.  To make the box more unique and presentable, you may include ribbons, bows, or personalized labels. Moreover, notes, special stickers, foams, and inserts will beautify the chocolate box. It is up to you, whether you design donuts in pink boxes or whatever you want.


How to make chocolate box at home has become simpler. Follow this step-by-step guide, you can create a personalized and charming chocolate box to present your delicious chocolates. However, if you wanna consult a reliable packaging company, OXO Packaging is the perfect solution for you. They create perfect chocolate boxes at affordable rates and that too of your choice. Make your special event more enjoyable with perfectly made chocolate packaging boxes.

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