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How To Plan A Perfect Annual General Meeting?

Organizing an Annual General Meeting is a great responsibility. You have to make an event plan, connect with organizers, decide on a venue, notify everyone, arrange virtual meetings, etc. A successful organization must have a well-run Annual General Meeting to sketch future planning. If you are new it might be hard for you to know the ways to conduct a great AGM.  

Planning any official event is stressful and challenging. A lot depends on its success, on the other hand, a failed Annual General Meeting can ruin your reputation. So, it is better to know the steps to plan a perfect AGM for your company.  

  • Calling An AGM

    The company’s board of directors calls an AGM within six months of the end of a financial year. All shareholders get notice of the Annual Meeting from the board. You must send the notice to them at least three weeks before the meeting is scheduled.  

You must check if the notices have been sent on time. Because in the 21 days they will prepare for the meeting. You may update about the AGM on your website, but we suggest you send individual emails to every shareholder.

  • Prepare The Agenda

    You must prepare an agenda a few days before the meeting. The agenda must consist of important points that need discussion with all the members. Keep the agenda short and simple to avoid any confusion. Your topics must be specific and important so that everyone will understand.  
  • Make A Financial Statement

    The company’s accounts team will prepare the financial statement. You must make a slideshow to describe the company’s performance in the last year. You must check if the financial statement is ready with all profit and loss data. It is an essential part of the meeting that must be ready. 
  • Make Arrangements For The Meeting

    If it is a physical meeting, you must book a venue for the meeting. Provide proper seating arrangements and refreshments. These days, most AGMs are conducted in virtual or hybrid mode. For a virtual meeting, you need to set up the stage, lighting, and broadcasting arrangements.  

You must ensure that the venue has all technical facilities to support screen presentation, audio visual services, etc. It is better to visit the venue before booking to ensure if the place is suitable for the meeting.

  • Assign Roles And Responsibility To Team Members

    To make the AGM successful, you must assign roles and responsibilities to team members. They should be readily available with their presentation and documents at the meeting. So, that the meeting runs seamlessly without any interruption. Your task is to explain the function to your team.  

Summing Up- 

Is this the first time you are getting to conduct a virtual Annual General Meeting? Or do you want to impress everyone with your organizing skill? Then seeking professional help to organize the meeting is a great idea.  

CTS can help you organize a seamless virtual AGM with audio-visual services. It is an award-winning company that implements total security and contingency plan.  

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