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In Home Pet Sitting the Best Choice For Your Furry Friend

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As a pet owner leaving your furry buddy behind can be difficult, all the more so when
arranging for your pet to be looked after in an entirely new environment. Whether you are
going on holiday, a short trip out of town, or working after the office, finding the ideal care
for your pet is an important decision.

Boarding your pet in a kennel may seem to be the safest option, but have you given thought
to in-home pet sitting? In this blog post, you’ll explore why pet-sitting at home is the best
option for your pet opposed to boarding them.

Personalized Care

One of the key benefits of pet-sitting at home is that your pet receives personalized
attention. Your pet sitter can provide for your furry friend’s distinct needs, which will
include any dietary requirements, medication, routine, and exercise. They will also keep
watch on your pet's behavior, making sure your pet feels comfortable, keeps calm, and is
well looked after while you are away. Unlike boarding facilities, in-home pet sitting ensures
that your pet is not exposed to unfamiliar surroundings, noises, and other pets.

Reduced Stress

Irrespective of whether you have a timid or a social pet, staying some place outside of their
home environment and being relocated to a place with unfamiliar sounds, smells, and
routines can lead to anxiety, stress, and trauma. Home pet sitters let your furry friends take
joy in their home environment, fending away the stress of being moved to a strange place.
Your pet can keep up with their daily routine, such as playing with their toys, eating their
favorite meals, cuddling with you on the couch, and sleeping in their own bed.

Around The Clock Care

Pet-sitting at home offers non-stop care for your furry mate. Unlike boarding facilities, that
involves the staff members changing shifts and schedules, your pet sitter will keep company
of your pet for the duration of your absence. To put it in another way your pet can grow
used to the same person, their voice, and their scent. This allows for establishing trust,
composure, and routine, making it pleasing for your pet to stay relaxed and happy.

Minimal Exposure to Sickness

It is a fact, when pets are in boarding facilities, they are prone to be exposed to different
diseases and illnesses from other pets. It is your duty as a pet parent to ensure that your

furry friend is healthy and doesn’t come back home with any infections. With in-home pet
sitting, there is less possibility that your pet will catch illness and infections, as they are not
in shared spaces. In addition to that, in-home pet sitters provide one-on-one care, so
diminishing the transmission of contagious diseases to your pet.

Summing Up

In summary, pet-sitting in home ensures high quality care for your furry friend while you are
away. With personalized attention, lessened stress, persistent care, minimal exposure to
disease, and peace of mind, it is the ideal choice for keeping your furry friends happy and
healthy. By engaging a trained and reliable in-home pet sitter, you can ensure that your
furry mate is receiving the highest standard of care possible while you are gone.

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