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Seven Wonders in Delhi

Delhi is as historic as it is vibrant. Although some people still try to reduce the brightness of its face, the beauty of Delhi still attracts. When I do not have to go anywhere on vacation, I roam around in Delhi and quench my "thirst." Sometimes with family, sometimes alone - and yes, when I go to Delhi, I do not forget to eat Chole-Kulche. It must be delicious in many places, and if raita is combined with it, then the pleasure of chole-kulche becomes three times. Now that you have eaten Chole-Kulche, then let's come to the point of the issue.

Seven Wonders was made just a few days ago, and the big thing is that all the frills are made from junk. There are replicas of "Wonders," some old-fashioned, some medieval, and some newly added. Very close to Nizamuddin Metro Station and Kale Khan Bus Stand, this park is a great weekend destination for kids and people of all ages in and around Delhi. In this park, you will find the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza, Paris, France's Eiffel Tower, Pisa. Replicas of Leaning Tower, Christ of the Redeemer, Colosseum of Rome, and Statue of Liberty have been made. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has Industrial Scrap to make it, and what is the best use? That's why it is named Waste to Wonder. It uses iron drums, pipes, benches, and other automobile parts. The total cost of making all these seven "wonders" is about 7.5 crores. The cost was spent, and about 110 tonnes of iron have been installed. The good thing is that a board has been installed near every monument, in which information related to that monument has been written in Hindi and English. What material has been installed, how much was installed? Yes, what is the actual composition!

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One such park is also in Kota of Rajasthan, and it is said that the idea of making it in Delhi has also been taken from Kota itself. If you ever want to go, then follow my advice. In this way, it is open from 11 am to 11 pm, but if you can find any evening time to go here, that will be the best time because the evening time is such when you will see its beauty during the day and night. At night, when the lights are lit in these structures, they look stunning, and some look more beautiful than the real ones. For example, the Eiffel Tower light looks gorgeous when lit, whereas you may not enjoy it as much if you look at it during the day.

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Let us also know a little about these seven wonders in Delhi


  1. The Pyramid of Giza: The Pyramid of Giza, about 18 feet high, must have been thinking, my luck has opened in India. Because in Egypt, where it is located in its original form, there is a whole desert, whereas there is greenery all around the Giza Pyramids of Delhi!


  1. Eiffel Tower: The original Eiffel Tower is in Paris, the capital of France, and I have not seen it till date, but I have seen the fake one, which is about 60 feet high. Perhaps the tallest and most beautiful structure is this park.


  1. The Roman Colosseum: If I want to number these artifacts anywhere, I will give the number ten out of ten to the Colosseum of Rome, but the condition is that it should be seen in shining light.


  1. Christ the Redeemer: Jesus Christ of Brazil has been made 25 feet, but the craftsman who made this statue must have been busy chatting on what's app sure that the finishing is not visible, which should have been done.


  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa: The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been made excellent. This tower, about 57 feet high, is eight times smaller than its original height. But it looks stunning, and especially in the light.


  1. Statue of Liberty: Statue of Liberty, the one in which a woman is standing blindfolded with scales. The original idol is in New York, America, but the copy is also here in Delhi. I think the maker of this must have had a girlfriend who must have left it. That is why the fellow must have sworn that I will never make this woman's idol good. When it comes to the worst structure of the park, it will come on top.


  1. Taj Mahal: The fake Taj Mahal built at the cost of more than one crore is also no less beautiful. Trees and plants have been planted around, like the Mughal Gardens, which further enhance its beauty.


How to go :

The nearest railway station is Hazrat Nizamuddin, and the nearest metro station is also Nizamuddin. The bus stand is near to Kale Khan if you are coming by bus.

Tickets: The ticket to enter here is Rs 50 per person, while for children up to 12 years and older people above 65, half the ticket, i.e., Rs 25, is charged. There is no time limit.

Timings: Open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

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