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Tip to monetize YouTube channel in 2024

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Youtube has evolved as the best video sharing platform, where many content creators share their videos and earn money through it. There are already 2 billion users who login to youtube, and share their huge videos every day.

YouTube is one of the amazing social media platforms that give you the potential to earn passive income. The best way to earn money through this platform is by monetize YouTube channel in 2024. You can easily monetize your channel, by sharing ads, by selling products and services, by joining youtube membership, and many more ways. Keep reading to know the best tips to monetize the YouTube channel in 2024

What is YouTube monetization?

YouTube monetization let's creators make the most of the content they create for their YouTube account. If you’ve ever clicked on an exciting video and been bombarded with ads, that’s due to the fact video marketing is one of the top assets of sales from YouTube monetization.

Creators who meet requirements to monetize youtube channel in 2024 can easily join the YouTube Partnership Program — though this isn’t the only way to make money from YouTube. If accepted, they acquire a part of the sales generated from the ads on individual videos.

How to Enable YouTube Monetization

Joining a YouTube partner program is the best way to fulfil your YouTube dreams. Luckily, it most effectively requires a few steps. Here’s the way to monetize YouTube channel in 2024:

  • Go to YouTube Creator Studio
  • Tap "Earn" from the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Click the “Get Started” button
  • Carefully read the YouTube monetization policies
  • Set up a Google AdSense account
  • Wait for the assessment technique to be finalized

YouTube monetization requirements

Here are the requirements your channel needs to fulfil earlier than you can monetize it:

  • Adhere to YouTube channel monetization guidelines. These encompass the YouTube Community Guidelines, AdSense program policies, Creator duty rules, and more.
  • Be in a place where the YouTube Partner Program is available (see complete list beneath).
  • Have no active Community Guidelines for your channel.
  • Use 2-Step Verification with your Google Account.
  • Have access to premium features, which you may get through ID verification or by building up your channel history.
  • Must have Adsense account

Tips for your YouTube monetization

Here are the various tips that creators should follow to monetize YouTube channel in 2024

  • Create quality videos

If you’re new to YouTube, the first step is developing a YouTube channel and then developing engaging and unique content that resonates together with your viewers. Whatever your target audience, and whether you’re creating tutorials, vlogs, opinions or entertainment videos, you have to constantly be conscious of the value you carry on your visitors and subscribers.

So if you are looking for the best way to make money online, it may be really worth allocating a budget to broaden your channel and investing in professional equipment, including a fine digicam and microphone. The aim is to create videos that look and sound professional.

  • Super Features consist of Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and Super Chat

The “Super” features available on YouTube also helps you to monetize youtube channel in 2024. All those paperwork appears in chat messages shown at some point in YouTube live streams

Super Chat- This features your chat messages over everybody else’s. SuperStickers- This feature is like Super Chat, except for fans purchasing and sharing attractive stickers to pin on the top point of a talk window. Super Thanks- This feature shall we users give some love to their most loved YouTube creators. Users obtain a featured remark in the chat and an active GIF for a small rate.

  • YouTube Ads

YouTube permits lots of ads to run throughout creators' movies. While your videos may include ads whether or not your channel is monetized, YouTube Partners can collect revenue from the advertisements that appear with their videos. You can select to monetize youtube channel in 2024 individually or in bulk by YouTube Studio.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Another common way of monetize youtube channel in 2024 is through product placement and affiliate links. Let's say you had a channel that pointed out how to build far off manipulate motors. You may link to an online shop, say Amazon, with backed links inside the description phase for visitors to buy components or RC cars. (It's obligatory to suggest which of your links are backed).

This is the best way of making money on YouTube, and in case you take a look at the outline of many of your preferred videos, you may find affiliate links there.

If you want to monetize with affiliate links, you'll want to find some affiliates that make your logo that you don't speak about. It's best while there may be a natural connection between your content and your affiliate links.

  • Selling services

In the same guide, any other way to monetize a YouTube channel is through selling services. Let's say you're a financial planner, you may deliver private finance guidelines in your YouTube channel and join it in your economic planning enterprise.

As more services are online and aren't tied right down to locality anymore, many service experts are building groups like this. From coaches to finance experts, from consulting to speaking, monetize youtube channel in 2024 is the basic ground for service experts to show their products and build their target market, and to sell services from them.

  • YouTube Shorts Fund

To participate in sales sharing for Shorts on YouTube, monetizing partners are required to just accept the Shorts Monetization Module terms. By accepting those terms, creators can earn ad revenue and YouTube Premium especially in the Shorts Feed.

The sales sharing occurs for ads considered among videos in the Shorts Feed. You can sing your Shorts analytics directly from YouTube Creator Studio. 

  • YouTube Channel Memberships

As a YouTube Partner, your fans pay a monthly subscription fee to get unique content from your channel. This content can be individual videos, stickers, or different items that ordinary subscribers can not get. If you allow channel memberships, you'll see a "Join" button subsequent to the "Subscribe" button on your channel web page. 

  • YouTube Premium

Get YouTube Premium is another great way to monetize youtube channel in 2024. YouTube Premium is a subscription service that allows customers to download and watch films without ads. Fortunately, you'll still earn money from your videos under this service as subscription sales payments get allotted to video creators, like ad sales bills. The amount is determined by the wide variety of Premium contributors who watch your videos.

  • Paid Sponsorships

To monetize YouTube channel in 2024 through paid sponsorships, creators want to become aware of sponsors that align with their content, values, and target market. Conduct studies on organisations and types that cater to a comparable demographic or enterprise because the writer can discover potential sponsorship chances.

After securing a sponsorship deal, creators have to seamlessly integrate the emblem’s message or product into their movies while retaining transparency with viewers. Clearly disclosing that the content is backed guarantees transparency and keeps trust with the audience.

  • Crowdfunding

To monetize by crowdfunding, creators should choose the proper crowdfunding platform that matches their objectives and audience. Well-acknowledged platforms offer various crowdfunding procedures.

This entails creating an interesting pitch video that showcases their project or content, detailing the great results, and absolutely explaining the benefits or rewards they will get hold of in exchange for assisting the marketing campaign.


There are many great methods to monetize your YouTube channel. The best way to find the right strategies for monetize youtube channel in 2024 depends on your content, target audience, and desires. Experiment with specific strategies to peer at what works quality for you.

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