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Top 7 Blockchain App Development Ideas to Boost Your Business

According to Statista, the worldwide Blockchain market is expected to grow more than a hundredfold to 163 billion US dollars by 2027. The growing demand for secure mobile applications, simplified business operations, and efficient supply chain management applications is driving the adoption of Blockchain technology in business applications.  



In a nutshell, blockchain is a technology that allows for secure and anonymous transactions. It generates true peer-to-peer transactions and serves two purposes: 


  • Securing the data 
  • Virtually recording transaction value

To understand better, let’s discuss this with an example- 


The internet used to deal with intangibles such as sending and receiving mail, as well as reading and distributing articles. Nonetheless, the modern internet operates with assets, your valuable items that can be touched and protected. As a result, these assets are kept encoded on a network-to-network chain, i.e. Blockchain. 


Since its introduction in 2009, Blockchain has created a buzz; the hype surrounding Blockchain has enticed many industries to invest in various Blockchain-based applications. Businesses all over the world are relying on this ever-changing technological shift to transform their current business model into one that is more transparent, secure, and reliable.


SAP, IBM, Samsung, and Maersk have already considered a decentralized ledger system using Blockchain technology. 


This blog will uncover the top 7 Blockchain app ideas that will boost your business in 2022-23.


Okay, then what are we waiting for? Let’s get started! 


What Is Blockchain Technology?

A Blockchain is a decentralized database that is shared among computer network nodes. Blockchain, as a database, stores information electronically in digital form. Blockchain technology is well-known for playing an important role in cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin in maintaining a secure and decentralized transaction record. The best part about Blockchain is that it ensures transparency and security of data records while also generating trust without the need for a trusted third party.


What Is Blockchain Technology Used For?

The way the data is structured is what distinguishes Blockchain from other databases. With Blockchain, information is collected in groups known as "blocks" that hold sets of data. These blocks have storage capacity, and once filled, they are closed and linked to previously filled blocks, forming a data chain known as a "blockchain." Following the newly added block, the new information is compiled into a newly formed block, which is then added to the chain when it is complete. 


Best Blockchain Application Development Ideas for Business


  1. Healthcare Blockchain App Development Ideas

Blockchain technology can be used for various development ideas in the healthcare industry. 


a) Telemedicine

The growing trend in healthcare - Telemedicine app development is allowing individuals to access medical treatment from the comfort of their homes. Blockchain software can help in:

  • Ensuring patients that their data is kept private
  • Safety and speedy payment process
  • Guaranteed treatment fees that are true and secure

b) Electronic Health Records

Blockchain-based electronic health records (EHR) can transform the way health data is stored and distributed. Patients would have more control over their health information, sharing it securely with healthcare providers, enhancing data privacy, and boosting security.


c) Clinical Trials

Blockchain can create a secure platform for more efficient and trustworthy clinical trials. Researchers can securely store and exchange data, improving transparency and reducing the risk of fraud.


The Blockchain technology in the healthcare market is expected to be worth $531.19 million by 2021. It is expected to reach $16.30 billion by 2031, increasing at a CAGR of 40.8%. 


2. Entertainment Blockchain App Development Ideas

An app development company can use Blockchain technology to build a plethora of apps for the entertainment sector. Several application concepts for this industry are:


a) Ticketing and Live Events

A blockchain application for entertainment may be developed to provide an open and safe platform for ticketing and live events. With this technology incorporated in your app, tickets would be saved and retrieved by sellers & buyers in a more convenient manner. This will ultimately lower the chances of fraud and gain trust. 


b) Play-to-Earn Games

If you are familiar with trading in NFTs, you must know about Play-to-win games. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs can prove to be a base for such an incentive-based gaming system. Therefore, in order to approach the modern gaming community, businesses can give a shot at P2E NFT games. 


c) Royalty Management

Musicians often face difficulties in getting their fair portion of the business revenue. With a blockchain-based system those artists would be able to receive their payments directly without any middleman.


The global entertainment and media industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% by 2025, reaching $2.2 trillion.


3. Supply Chain Blockchain App Development Ideas

Here are a few suggestions for Blockchain application development for the supply chain management market.


a) Traceability

Blockchain app development solutions can prove useful for developing a tracking solution for the supply chain of goods right from the manufacturing unit to the consumers. Doing so, with allow customers to verify the quality and authenticity of products as well as lowering the chances of selling fake/duplicate products.


b) Inventory Management

Businesses can develop a live inventory tracking system to manage their stock. Thus, inventory managers would be able to minimize the risk of overstocking or stocking out with such solutions.  


c) Smart Contracts

Purchase orders, invoicing, and payments are just a few of the operations in the supply chain that can be automated using smart contracts. This would make transactions faster and more efficient while also getting rid of the need for middlemen and lowering the danger of fraud.


For automating different supply chain processes like 


With a predicted CAGR of 10.9% from 2023 to 2032, the worldwide supply chain management market, which was worth $27.2 billion in 2022, will increase to $75.6 billion by 2032.


4. Education Blockchain App Development Ideas

From managing student data to confirming academic qualifications, Blockchain technology has major potential in the education industry. Let’s look at the perspective development ideas!


a) Record Keeping

A secure, decentralized system for keeping student records might be created using Blockchain technology. This would allow schools to keep a secure record of students’ accomplishments while simultaneously guaranteeing the confidentiality and privacy of student information.


b) Verification of Academic Credentials

A system for confirming academic credentials, such as degrees and certificates, might be created using Blockchain technology. A system like this would provide students more control over their academic records while enabling companies to confirm the legitimacy of academic qualifications.


c) Micro-Credentials

A system for developing and validating small credentials, like badges and certificates, can be created using Blockchain technology. This makes it possible for students to acquire and validate particular abilities and skills while also giving businesses a more realistic picture of a candidate’s skills.


At a CAGR of 5%, it is anticipated that the worldwide education industry will grow to $10 trillion by 2030.


5. Fintech Blockchain App Development Ideas

These are some Blockchain app development concepts for the finance industry.


a) Payment Solutions

Blockchain-based payment systems have the potential to transform the way we conduct transactions. By removing intermediaries and enabling transparency and immutability, such systems would allow quicker, more secure, and more efficient payments.


b) Smart Contracts

It has the potential to automate a wide range of financial operations, including insurance, loans, and asset trading. This would eliminate the need for intermediaries, lowering the risk of fraud while allowing for faster and more efficient transactions.


d) Cybersecurity Applications

A Blockchain-based cybersecurity app can help consumers and organizations protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and defend against cyberattacks, providing technology, crypto exchanges, and infrastructure.


The worldwide fintech industry was valued at around USD 194.1 billion as of 2022 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2023 and 2028 to grow to 492.81 billion dollars by 2028.


6. Tourism Blockchain App Development Ideas

Blockchain technology is a perfect fit for the travel and tourism sector. Travelers can access travel-related information, organize safe and simple trip plans, and discuss their experiences via a tourism Blockchain app.


a) Secure Booking and Payment Processing

A Blockchain application can offer a safe and open platform for processing payments and arranging travel reservations. Travelers feel secure knowing that their money and personal information are protected by using a Blockchain.


b) Reviews and Recommendations

A Blockchain app can provide a secure and transparent forum for passengers to share their insights and provide recommendations. It can also use machine learning algorithms to tailor suggestions based on user interests and prior experiences.


c) Sustainable Tourism

A Blockchain app can help promote sustainable tourism by providing travelers with access to information and rewarding them for engaging in sustainable practices, such as reducing their carbon footprint or supporting local communities.


The Global Tourism market is expected to reach $11.4 trillion by 2028.


Benefits of Blockchain for Your Business

1. Better Transparency 

Without Blockchain, every company would have to maintain its own database. Because Blockchain is an open ledger, transactions, and data are kept separate. Everyone who has concurrent access to permit information ensures complete transparency. Every transaction bears a date and time stamp.


2. Accurate Practicality

Businesses can use Blockchain technology to focus on developing an effective supply chain with suppliers and vendors. We are witnessing a more transparent supply chain than ever before. This technology allows all supply chain parties to track commodities and ensure that they are not being reused or exploited. 


3. Increases Security

Another advantage of Blockchain is the security of systems. The working mechanism of Blockchain technology adds another layer of security. End-to-end encryption is used on the Blockchain to create an unbreakable record of transactions. It also protects against fraud and misconduct. 


4. Individual Data Control

Individuals now have unprecedented control over their data thanks to blockchain technology. As a valuable asset, it automatically ensures that your data is protected. Moreover, it gives you control over the data. 


5. Fastened Process

When compared to traditional methods, transaction processing is now much easier and faster. All credit goes to Blockchain technology, which in some cases can complete transactions in as little as a few minutes. However, time frames can vary depending on the Blockchain system. It becomes easier for you once you eliminate intermediaries.


Final Thoughts


Blockchain technology is a game changer for businesses in a variety of industries. If you believe your company can benefit from Blockchain technology, you should consider investing in it after conducting extensive research on the aforementioned topics. Because the market is new, it is simple to find a niche and achieve excellent results. 


To bring your Blockchain app idea to life, you may need to hire a blockchain development company with exceptional knowledge and expertise in that field. DianApps' app development team has extensive experience in emerging technologies such as AI, AR, and VR, and they offer solid blockchain development services to help you expand your decentralized journey. 


Article Source: https://medium.com/@marketing_96275/top-7-blockchain-app-development-ideas-to-boost-your-business-dd9f29e57d03

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