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Tux Machines The 6 Best Linux Distros for Network Engineers

However, at its core, Linux still offers a thriving environment for coders and developers. This is increasingly important, because Linux powers the backbone of the internet, mobile devices, and now cloud https://remotemode.net/become-a-linux-network-engineer/ computing systems. Therefore it's often essential for techies to be able to work directly in a Linux environment, especially for operating servers and for developing software that runs on them.

  • Simply click 'Start a Project' to see dedicated guides on developing web, command line, desktop and mobile apps.
  • The distro is complimented by the Raspberry Pi website that hosts some impressive guides on using the credit-card sized computer to learn to program, particularly with Python.
  • Here’s our complete list of the best weird and wonderful niche Linux distros.
  • If, however, the developers create a GUI frontend for rhino-pkg, I would be more than happy to recommend Rhino Linux to any user type, from beginner on up.
  • You can load the entire OS into RAM on boot, so that no data is saved to your hard drive.
  • Instead, you should pick the best Linux distro based on how its philosophy aligns with yours.
  • When I was a computer science student I spent a lot of time playing around with Linux.

Unlike Kali Linux, NodeZero is more of a source code style, making it more difficult to work with if you are not an established user of Linux software. Gentoo’s Portage is a robust software distribution and package management tool for installing, searching, and querying over 19,000 software packages. Speaking to its namesake — the world’s fastest penguin — Gentoo’s modular and portable design allows for optimizing machine-specific Linux systems. Fedora’s latest versions come with enterprise-grade security and quality assurance to give users immediate confidence without extensive prior configuration. Fedora works for application software and next-generation servers and includes modern sysadmin tools like cockpit, dnf, and systemd for init systems.

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Fedora is known for frequent version updates, sometimes weeks or months apart. Such rapid updates make the distro unreliable for those testing new products due to short cycles between the versions. However, it’s excellent for those who want to be on the leading edge of Linux development.

best linux distro for network engineers

If you are looking for a lightweight Linux distro, Linux Mint is for you. It is based on Debian and Ubuntu, and it also provides a user-friendly interface. It is best suited for newcomers, but it is equally helpful for advanced users. Overall, the Linux Mint provides a solid Linux experience without trying to over-do anything. Linux’s most significant advantage is the customization it offers.

Best Linux distro for beginners

If you have ever found various applications on your Linux-based PC crashing, think about a task manager. It is free and open-source Linux https://remotemode.net/ distribution that is created by CloudLinux. It is a free-of-cost downstream fork of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

best linux distro for network engineers

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