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What are corrugated boxes – A complete guide

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New to the packaging business, and you are wondering how you will ship your products to your clients safe and sound? It is essential that your products reach their destination safely. Almost 80% of US products are packed in cardboard boxes. For this purpose, it is suggested to use corrugated boxes instead of other ones. This will clearly distinguish between a satisfied customer and a disappointed one. Selecting the right corrugated packaging for your products can be a difficult task. But don't you worry! Continue reading to have a complete idea about everything related to Corrugated Boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

The name corrugated comes from the material used in one of the three layers of cardboard material used to manufacture boxes. One of the three layers is a flat linerboard that supports the kraft paper between the sheets with the help of adhesives. The paper compressed between the sheets is actually used to make flutes. Corrugated boxes are one of the most cost-effective and durable sources for packaging purposes. 

Types of corrugated boxes

Next comes what kind of corrugated box is the right choice for which product depending upon the capacity, strength, durability and the amount of weight they can handle easily. Various industries use different custom corrugated boxes for packaging their items. Depending on the variety of boxes, these corrugated boxes are divided into four categories which are:

Single-sheet corrugated

There are one or two linear board sheets with a flute in single corrugated sheet boxes. The flute is linked to the linear board using adhesive glue. Usually, these single-sheet corrugated boxes provide a cushioning effect and are used for product protection. Marketers sell these single corrugated sheets in the form of sheet rolls. 

Single layer corrugated 

As the name implies, single-layered corrugated boxes are formed by placing a single sheet of corrugated medium between two linear board sheets. These are glued to each other to ensure proper strength. These boxes are one of the most preferred sources for shipping purposes and play a significant role in retail industries. 

Double layer corrugated 

Next comes the double-layered corrugated boxes. Likewise, single-layered boxes are made by placing two corrugated medium layers in between three linear board sheets. The box rigidity is also affected as the number of linear sheets increases. These corrugated packaging boxes are for those products which are heavy or delicate and need more care while handling. Usually, electronic products are shipped in these boxes. 

Triple-layered corrugated

Last but not the least is triple-layered corrugated boxes. These boxes have three corrugated medium layers sandwiched between four linear board sheets. These packaging boxes are used in the industrial sector. The reason is these provide the best strength and durability factor. 

[caption id="attachment_174592" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Open box for things. Empty cardboard box close-up.[/caption]

What to keep in mind while buying corrugated boxes?

Shape and design

Corrugated boxes come in a variety of shapes and designs. Various marketers are providing custom corrugated boxes, too, for their clients. This means that now you can have your own customized packaging box depending on your needs. The shape and design vary from regular, special, and half-slotted to divider containers, and the list goes on. Make sure to go for the minimalistic designs while selecting the correct packaging box. Complicated designs increase the packaging price only. 

Size and storage

The next factor to consider while buying a corrugated box is its size. In some cases, standard boxes are not a suitable choice due to product size. The space inside the box is wasted, which is not the only issue. There is also a protection risk to your delicate items. If you want to keep seasonal decorations and other related items, go for the custom corrugated box designs. This will help you to keep your things new for years. In case you stack up the boxes, you must know ECT. Edge Crush Test basically tells how much weight or pressure a box can handle. Generally, thick custom corrugated boxes have a higher ECT number. 

Strength and type of product 

How much strength the package will provide the product also matters while buying it. During the shipping, fragile items like mirrors, crystals and other items should be handled carefully. This plays a key role in preventing any product damage. It's necessary to consider for what purpose you are buying the corrugated packaging box. Ensure to weigh your product before selecting the package box. 

Interior or exterior, both sides of the package should be paid the same attention. You can create a cushioning effect using material filling to prevent any expected damage. Foam, paper or air pads are commonly used as a filling material. In case of electrical products, corrosion protection and fittings of plastic or steel prove to be the right choice. 

The thickness of the box

Box thickness and flute size are correlated with each other. Usually, five categories of flutes are used in the packaging industry nowadays. These are A, B, C, E and F. "A" flute is the thickest in all. It is roughly 5mm thick. They are the best choice for products with extra cushioning effects.

"B" flute thickness is 3.2mm. These are used for die-cuttings. Boxes with the "B" flute don't require much support for the load. The most common flute is "C", with a 4mm thickness, slightly more than "B".  

"E" and "F" are the most recent, with 1.6mm and 0.8mm thicknesses, respectively. These are used in retail packaging due to superior image quality and printability.  

custom box

Why are custom corrugated boxes better than others?

Want to remind your customers to come back without saying anything? Start delivering your products with custom packaging! You must consider some points while searching for the best corrugated boxes near me. Putting your company logo or website name will leave a long-lasting impression on your clients. It will also add to your loyalty towards the customers. With custom corrugated boxes, you can add to your brand's value. 

Not only this, custom corrugated boxes are more versatile and durable. The reason is the manufacturers put starchy glue in cardboard boxes to increase their strength and durability. According to sustainability research, 37% of clients pay 5% more for environment friendly products. Many companies offer biodegradable packaging boxes that add up to environmental value. For instance, old corrugated boxes can be used for keeping your clothes and other accessories. 

Another factor is standard corrugated boxes might need to fit the dimensions of your products with extra padding. If you order custom corrugated boxes, they'll be manufactured with the exact dimensions of your item. Also, it prevents any mishandling during the product shipment. 

Benefits of corrugated packaging boxes

Light in weight

No one wants to lift up the shipping cost of products with heavy packaging! In case you sell heavy products, you will want to keep the product weight, and shipping cost the same. Corrugated boxes provide you with a spectacular advantage. They are light in weight with high-quality strength and durability. So the shopkeepers don't have to charge extra for product shipping. 


Another feature of these boxes is they are less costly. Companies don't need a huge labour force or any high-tech machinery for their production. That's why these packaging boxes prove to be an inexpensive option. 


Generally, corrugated boxes are manufactured from 70-100% recycled material. Due to this reason, it is considered one of the best choices for packaging. As many companies don't use dyes or bleaches in corrugated boxes, recycling or disposing of these boxes is easy. 

Easy customization

Several companies offer custom box choices to their clients. The clients can choose package colour, size and attractive designs according to their demands. This feature adds up to the brand's value and identity. Because the custom packaging boxes have the company's logo, name or other product details. 

Sustainability and protection

Next comes the sustainability and protection of the product. In many corrugated boxes, there are interlocking arches that provide support. These arches make it easier to carry heavy loads in corrugated boxes. As the product will move from your warehouse and be transported to its destined place, it's necessary that the packaging should be efficient. You must consider a balance to avoid under-packaging and over-packaging while ensuring the product is not damaged too. 

All-in-one packaging solution

Another standout feature of corrugated boxes is that they are used in almost every industry. Their variety and sizes might differ, but they are used all over, whether it's food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or any other industry. With the customization option, they are fit for every product size regardless of its specifications. They are durable in nature, so they keep the packaged items secure for a long time. 

Recycling of corrugated boxes

 Retail stores, restaurants, and others collect a huge amount of corrugated cardboard due to supplies and shipment of products. The cardboard continues to stack up and add up to the waste. Paper and cardboard make up 41% of solid waste streams. 

People devised an idea to recycle these corrugated boxes to combat this issue. And today, cardboard is one of the most recycled items globally. Many companies collaborate with local waste disposal companies collecting and recycling old packaging boxes.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled into cereal boxes. Another way is to use these boxes for storing household items. They also serve to be an excellent choice for section dividers. You can even use these boxes for DIY crafts. 

Final Words

Custom Corrugated Boxes are among the best choices for packaging products due to their endless features. They assist almost every business in growing in the industry. The topmost reasons include sturdiness and wide space options depending on the range and variety of products. So they can be a great choice to take your packaging business to another level. 

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