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What You Need To Know About Commercial Property Owner Insurance?

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There is no denying that commercial property owners face many risks in their ventures, from losing rent to thieves breaking into the office. To protect themselves, most pay for owner’s insurance. Commercial Property Owner Insurance is insurance for business owners, protecting the owner and their property.

Commercial Property Owner Insurance is not limited to new construction. A business can purchase it if it already exists. The amount depends on the type of revenue the business brings in. How many employees work at the facility, and what is the nature of the business? This insurance covers physical damage to buildings and contents housed there.

Things That Commercial Property Owner Insurance Covers

  1. Business owners must know that Commercial Property Owner Insurance will cover all buildings and other items on the insured property, whether the owner owns or leases it to tenants. It includes office buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, and factories. Some examples of such items are:
  • Office equipment like copiers and phones
  • Computer equipment
  • Electrical outlets & switches
  • Office furniture like chairs, desks & cabinets
  • Electronic equipment (telephones, Internet connection)  in offices, etc.
  1. Like homeowners, business owners, and property owners can fire, damage, or steal. Fire can break out accidentally through electrical problems, faulty wiring or equipment, cooking grease fires, etc. In addition, some fires are deliberately set by vandals or angry people. Usually, the owner’s insurance covers the replacement cost for physical damage caused by fire and excludes any loss caused by water.


  1. The owner’s policy also covers theft. Businesses can have many things stolen from their property – computers, phones, etc. The Commercial Property Owner Insurance covers replacing these items. It also protects the business from vandalism and break-ins.


  1. Damages caused by wind are another coverage of Commercial Property Owner Insurance that business owners need to know about. If high winds damage the building, the owner’s insurance pays for repairs or replacement of the affected building portions (e.g., roofs or walls). It also covers damage caused by fire, water, etc.


  1. Many think that Commercial Property Owner Insurance only covers damage from fire or water. Wrong! They also cover the loss of rent caused by construction and renovation projects, as well as accidental losses like broken glass, animal damage, and even car accidents.


  1. Commercial Property Owner Insurance also covers an unexpected loss such as a robbery or someone squatting or living in the building (illegal landlord) without consent from the owner. It also covers some occurrences that happen to the business. Fire, natural disaster, or a labor strike can cause a sudden closure.


  1. Commercial Property Owner Insurance is not high-risk so the premium will be lower than others. It only takes care of damages caused by fire and water, so it is not necessary to pay for other damages. But poor choice in choosing which coverage to buy may lead to higher premiums.


  1. Commercial Property Owner Insurance can be done on a landlord-tenant basis. This means that the tenant pays the insurance and receives it as a monthly rent refund. As well as the tenant's building, the landlord's insurance covers them as well. The tenant pays only a portion of these costs, while the landlord is responsible for paying the rest.


Benefits of Commercial Property Owner Insurance

  1. Those who own property do not have to worry about the protection of their property. Whatever the damage, they can rest assured that the property will be repaired, whether it has been damaged by fire, flooding, or vandalism. The landlord will pay for repairs, not the tenant.


  1. Business owners can also feel more secure about their business because of the insurance coverage provided by Commercial Property Owner Insurance. It does not cover losses arising from theft, invasion of privacy, or business interruption (which means it covers loss due to an unforeseen circumstance).


  1. Insurance protects the property of a business owner as well. They do not have to worry about having a burglary since they can claim the loss, and the owner’s insurance company will recover it.

Business owners who feel more secure with their homes and businesses will feel confident operating them. The confidence level of Commercial Property Owner Insurance is the same as homeowner’s insurance, which is why most owners go for it to protect their business property and personal assets.


Commercial Property Owner Insurance is important for anyone who owns a business or property. Serious losses can occur, and it would be good to have insurance to back them up.

A business owner should also take into account their clients and employees when planning to get this type of insurance because if the damage is so severe that repairs cannot be made for a long time, they will be unable to run their business.

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