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Why Should You Get Auto Glass Repair Tulsa Done Immediately?

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A windshield or also known as auto glass, not only protects you from outside elements but also makes sure that it acts as a protective layer so that the occupants of the car are safe from any kind of injury in case of an accident. An auto glass also offers structural integrity to your car. So, whenever the windshield of your car gets chipped, it should be fixed right away. Don’t wait for the damage to get bigger because then only repair work won’t suffice the purpose.  You will be shocked to know that even small chips can cause costly repairs down the road. Here are a few reasons why auto glass repair in Tulsa should be done immediately.

Chips can turn into cracks

Small damage or cracks can spread quickly if there is increased pressure on the windshield. The glass faces pressure from something as small as going through a car wash or when the temperature changes. If the size of the chip is only a few inches wide, it can be repaired. But if the chip expands into a crack, you will have to get the entire glass replaced with a new one. This is costlier than a simple repair. You should always keep in mind that small damages can reduce visibility, spread quickly, and also cause unsafe driving conditions. So, it is always better to address small breaks before they become larger issues.

Repair work is easier, faster, and cheaper

If you approach a professional auto glass technician for auto glass repair in Tulsa, you will realize that the chips can be fixed in about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, you will be glad to know that repair estimates are covered by auto insurance. Also, windshield damage falls under comprehensive coverage. Under a comprehensive provision, you may also get full glass coverage. If you pick up a reputed auto glass company, it will provide you with a quote for its services because the companies work directly with the insurance carriers to help take care of your claim process. 

Chips hamper the structural integrity of the vehicle

If you delay the process of windshield repair, there are more chances that additional damage can be caused. Not only will the crack spread, but it also compromises the structural integrity of the windshield. Since a windshield is responsible for maintaining at least 60% of the structural integrity of the vehicle, it is better not to delay the process of auto glass repair in Tulsa.

In case of a rollover, the windshield also extends support to the roof, helps in the deployment of airbags, and also prevents passengers from being thrown from the vehicles. So, if you end up in an accident, the glass can get shattered and won’t be able to offer the same structural support as before. 

Repair work can be affected due to debris accumulation

If you don’t get the windshield chip repaired right away, dirt can accumulate in the chips and cause additional issues. Dirt enters into a windshield chip or crack, it can get stuck in the glass, and you won’t be able to remove it. You delay the process of windshield repair, the dirt that is stuck inside the glass can cause the resin to not hold the glass as effectively as it actually should. This is because the resin is designed to adhere to glass and not dirt.

If the resin is not strong enough, the chip can crack. Hence, you need to get the windshield replaced. In case you are not in a situation to get the repair done right away, you can cover the chip with a piece of clear packing tape so that the dirt is kept outside the glass. Also, don’t use wipers in such a situation because they can spread the dirt directly over the chip. 

You can be caught by the traffic police

If you drive a car that has a chipped windshield, you might be caught by traffic police. In many states, you are not legally allowed to drive a car that has cracked glass. 

To Sum It Up

In a nutshell, it can be said that you shouldn’t delay the process of auto glass repair in Tulsa because it can cause further issues with your car, and you might have to get the glass replaced with a new one. You can approach a well-known repair service provider in Tulsa that offers a lifetime warranty and can handle all the insurance paperwork for you. The service provider chosen should be such that it makes your windshield repair process simpler and more convenient. So, ahead out and start doing your research. Don’t hand over your vehicle to any random service provider. Or else you will have to face severe repercussions later on.

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