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XVS Coin Price Prediction 2023

XVS Coin,XVS Coin Price,XVS Coin Price Prediction . 

Key Takeaways

  • XVS is a DeFi lending platform. The algorithmic money market of the XVS makes the lending platform permissionless. 
  • The XVS current market value is $5.1. It is expected to reach the value of $9.49 in 2023. 


Venus or XVS is a lending platform and the mechanism of the algorithmic money market makes lending platforms permissionless. The market value of the coin is $5 and is expected to grow double by 2023 end. 

Traders can have a great chance to earn profits from XVS coin trade. They have to analyse and predict the market carefully with proper data. To help such traders we have a short discussion on XVS Coin price prediction 2023. 

Let’s analyse the coin and have successful trades. 

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XVS Coin Price Prediction Today


EOS Coin

Current Price


XVS Price Prediction for today




50-day SMA


14 day RSI




Fear and Greed Index

30 (Fear)

Green Days 

14/30 (47%)

200-Day SMA



XVS Coin Technical Analysis 

XVS coin has a long term forecast and traders can use technical analysis to make the right predictions. The markets are volatile and prices keep fluctuating, it becomes necessary to have an idea of the technical analysis. 

  • The forecast shows traders should buy the coin in the short term. 
  • In the long term, XVS coins should be sold. 
  • Traders can take price history for the time period they want to trade and then make the correct decision. 

XVS Coin Chain Analysis 

  • The coin grows from 2020 to 2021, the chart clearly shows the growth of the coin. 
  • In 2022, the coin is at a low as the price is falling as per the chain analysis. 
  • But by 2023, XVS coins will rise and traders can make good investments. 
  • However, traders need to analyse the coin with technical and fundamental analysis. 

XVS Coin price in November 2022

The potential return of investment of XVS in 2022 is 14%. There are various analysts that have their opinions of the price prediction of XVS. However, the coin is expected to grow in the most forecasts. 

The coin is expected to initially go low to $4.66 but by the end of December the coin will have the value of $7.52. It has good potential to earn so traders can consider investing in XVS in 2023. 

XVS Coin Price Prediction 2023

The price prediction of XVS in 2023 shows an upward move to $9.39 by December. The minimum value of the coin in 2023 is going to be $8.25. The average price rise is expected to be $8.47. 

The sentiment of XVS is bearish on the basis of technical analysis in 2023. Traders can make their trades more secure as the market is volatile and price can change at any moment. 

They cannot completely trust the predictions as these are ideas of basis of technical and fundamental analysis of the coin. 


Venus (XVS) has been expanding since it was launched. The coin holds good market worth and the data above show its growth in the year 2023. Traders can predict a good future for the coin. 

It is better to trade the coin in short term than long term investments. However, traders can make their decision on their XVS analysis for the time period. Overall an excellent choice for financial crypto traders. 

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