List + Review: Best IPhone Ringtone Makers Of All Time

Online IT Certificate Courses List + Review: Best iPhone Ringtone Makers of All Time. 

List + Review: Best iPhone Ringtone Makers of All Time

Have you ever felt so attached to a song that you want to hear it every day? Just make it your phone’s ringtone and you’ll find yourself enjoying it every time someone calls. Luckily, you can now do that quite easily and there are dedicated iPhone ringtone makers available online just to serve this purpose. 

The real problem is that all of these iPhone ringtone makers available online claim to be the best in the business and if you are not a tech person, you might get a bit confused in selecting the best software for your needs.

Well, don’t fret because in this article we have covered the top 5 best iPhone ringtone makers along with their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones available online


1. Softorino YouTube Converter a.k.a SYC 2:

Softorino YouTube Converter is one of the best iPhone ringtones maker apps for Apple users to have exclusive ringtones. Being an app that provides free downloading of YouTube videos, its highlight feature is the making of ringtones. 

Giving in-app access to over 60 media platforms, SYC 2 allows its users to have access to every kind of music available online. With just two clicks, you can convert any song to a ringtone on your iPhone.


Taking a quick look at all the features SYC 2 gives,

·   An easy, user-friendly, and safe app.

·   In-app feature giving access to 60+ platforms to download ringtones from.

·   Trims a song from any part with any time duration in seconds.

·   The trim-less ringtone feature converts a complete song to a ringtone.

·   Downloading songs without iTunes.


·   Easy to use.

·   Every type of ringtone available.

·   User-friendly interface

·   Provides wireless connection through Wi-Fi settings.


·   Cannot edit with sound effects.



2. iRingg:

iRingg being a really easy and fun app to use comes under the category of the best iPhone ringtone makers. Without any interference from iTunes, it gives access to millions of songs directly to your music library. iRingg is designed with 6-sense technology that analyzes your music taste from your phone’s music library and suggests new songs every time. 

Moreover, it gives the user a fun feature that allows them to add in sound effects of anything like a cat’s meow or a bark, rain, or thunder sounds.


·   6-sense technology giving new song suggestions every time you open the app or refresh it. The suggestions are based on your music taste analysis.

·   SndMoji and voice effects feature allows the users to add cool sound effects to ringtone making them fun and exclusive.

·   Access to all songs available on YouTube and Soundcloud with in-app browsing.

·   Fast ringtone maker with no interference from iTunes.

·   Cordless ringtones transfer from your computer to your iPhone.

·   An officially notarized app by Apple.


·   Free trial version for 24-hours with full features.

·   Users can create any custom ringtone they want with just a few simple steps.

·   Sound effects make your ringtone truly customized and exclusive.


·   A fun app but time taking while selecting the sound effects.



3. iTunes:

After the launch of the latest software, using and downloading music has become a complicated task but iTunes can be used directly to make ringtones in iPhone. To do so, the user needs to download the song before as the app does not give any access to in-app browsing. However, uploading the downloaded song to iTunes gives the user access to convert it to a ringtone. 

Depending on your choice, you can either select the whole song as the ringtone or select a bit of 30 seconds and use that. Dealing with M4R music (a special audio format developed for iPhones that can be used as ringtones), iTunes transfers your ringtone to the music library itself.


·   Direct access to music from iTunes to sound settings of the phone.

·   Uses M4R music specially designed for iPhone.

·   After the launch of the latest iTunes, adding ringtones is the easiest through the app.

·   Ringtone trimmer allows the user to crop the song of any length from any part.


·   Works on all iPhone models.

·   Direct access to music with iTunes.

·   Unlimited ringtones can stay in the ringtone section.


·   No in-app browsing and downloading of songs.

·   Synching the app requires a corded connection.



4. Zedge:

With its mission to give the users all features that make their phones personalized in a way that reflects them, Zedge is one of the best iPhone ringtone makers online. With ringtones to match the user’s mood and choices, Zedge also provides free and premium wallpapers. This two-in-one app has a great variety of ringtones for you to listen to and select one. 

Once selected, the ringtone can be downloaded to iTunes from which you can sync your phone and have them in your sound settings. It does not let you wander on apps to look for songs but provides a range of readymade ringtones from the world’s top-class and local artists.


·   Single app for Ringtones and wallpapers.

·   Has the best features available free and exclusive ones that require paid subscriptions.

·   Gives the users famous songs as ringtones readymade eliminating the difficulty of doing it themselves.

·   Can be used online through the website and by downloading the app.

·   Send the downloaded ringtone to iTunes from which it can be transferred to your iPhone.


·   Readymade ringtones.

·   Free app.

·   Not only ringtones but the app has a variety of wallpapers too.


·   No access to custom-based ringtones.

·   No in-app browsing access.

·   Linked with iTunes.



5. GarageBand:

The users of the latest iPhones must have seen the GarageBand app pre-installed on the phone. This app is the best to create a ringtone of your own. No song, no music from online platforms but you make it yourself using all the musical instruments in the app. 

Not only does the app help you learn how to play new instruments but also gives you an option to save your masterpiece as the song itself in the library or the form of a ringtone. GarageBand is a really fun app as it has all instruments which you can use and create a music project and edit it as many times as you want.


·   Has the sound of almost all musical instruments.

·   While creating the ringtone masterpiece you can add music from as many instruments as you want.

·   Comes with hundreds of sound effects and EDM music to add to your ringtone.

·   Saves the custom-made ringtone to the phone directly through iTunes to your music library.


·   Gives fun, learning, and exclusivity to you to have a custom ringtone.

·   A free and pre-installed app.

·   All musical instruments’ sounds are available.


·   Can not add a track from online platforms.

·   Requires skills and time.


Editor’s Pick:

Out of all these five selected best apps for making iPhone ringtones, each has its specific features and uniqueness. From having access to millions of songs to choose from to ready-made custom ringtones available, each app is the best in its purpose. However, the expert’s choice for iPhone ringtone makers is the Softorino YouTube Converter (SYC 2).

Now that you’re aware of all the apps and their features, turn on your computer, launch the app and start selecting your favorite songs to edit them and use as your ringtone.

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