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An Expert Opinion About Network Forensics Market Expansion Till 2028 | Growth Rate, Driving Factor, Major Challenges and Leading Companies

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Network Forensics Market is expected to witness growth from 2023 to 2028 with a CAGR of 13.2%. The market size, segment size, current situation, and development trends are among the primary subjects of the report. This study also covers market value analysis, cost chain structure and continues to provide important information on how dynamics are changing to produce market-improving elements.

The research includes a study of the elements that encourage market expansion. The competitive environment of the market is covered in the report. This offers a variety of factors that could have an impact on the market in the future. The study is based on historical growth statistics and current market trends. In-depth market segmentation, geographical research, and industry competition trends are all included. It looks at each particular growth trend and contribution to the market under study from a strategic standpoint.

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Scope of The Report -

  • Describes the scope of the Network Forensics Market and provides an industry overview, along with an executive summary of the various market segments classifications, market shares, and trends.
  • Offers a qualitative analysis of the current market state and prospective tendencies. Rising markets, market drivers, market problems, industry entry barriers, and consumer preference studies, all are analyzed deeply.
  • Examines the competitive environment by offering information on the participants, such as their sales volume, revenue, and market shares, as well as their prices and gross margins. Also provides details on market concentration ratio, mergers, acquisitions, and expansion strategies.
  • Concentrates on the regional market, providing in-depth information on the world's most representative countries and regions.
  • Offers market segment analysis for various products based on sales volume, revenue market share, and growth rate, as well as price analysis for each category.
  • To enable readers to get a closer look at the downstream market, the data is broken down into many segments and includes consumption, revenue, market share, and growth rate.
  • Provides a list of the major market participants, along with details on their history, product descriptions, market performance, latest advancements, SWOT analysis, etc.
  • Covers key raw material suppliers and pricing analysis, manufacturing cost structure analysis, and alternative product analysis
  • Readers have the opportunity to look into the future of the industry through the forecast information for both the overall market as well as the breakdown market.

The Dynamic of the Network Forensics Industry -

Driving Factor: With ever-increasing internet penetration and technological improvements across Asia, network traffic will likely intensify in the coming years. As such, investigation processes in order to attain deeper visibility into the systems remained challenging due to high data traffic and complicated systems. Thus, the market for network forensics would witness a push in the upcoming years owing to the incessant need to protect networks from sophisticated assaults and reduce network crimes.

Moreover, organizations can collect, record, and analyze network traffic using network forensics for incident response and investigation. Additionally, it aids in determining insider theft, the misuse of networking resources, and network performance evaluation. In order to identify network traffic and its impact on sensitive data, organizations all over the world have started implementing network forensics solutions, in turn, propelling the industry further.

Major Challenges: The investigators must have the technical expertise and understanding to gather, process, store, and evaluate evidence when conducting network forensics investigations. According to the top forensic training organization, the International Institute of Forensics and Security Studies, investigators view shortcomings in standards, tools, and training as a significant barrier when considering cases involving networks related to cloud, mobile, and computer devices.

In addition, the need for around one million cybersecurity specialists has been projected by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM). Thus, with inadequate skilled network forensics experts, the industry is likely to witness barriers in effectively examining digital evidence.

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Network Forensics Market Segmentation and Regional Overview - 

The report includes a comprehensive study that concentrates on the market segments and geographical growth of Network Forensics Market. It assesses the market according to segments, regions, and manufacturers or firms, as well as the revenue share and sales of the major countries. The Network Forensics Market is segmented as: 

Segment, By Component

- By Solution

-- Software

-- Hardware

- By Professional Services

-- Consulting

-- Training and Education

-- Design and Integration

-- Support and Maintenance

Segment, By Deployment Mode

- Cloud

- On-Premises

Segment, By Organization Size

- Small and Medium Enterprises

- Large Enterprises

Segment, By Application

- Endpoint Security

- Data Center Security

Segment, By End User

- Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

- Retail

- Government and Defense

- Healthcare

- Manufacturing

- Information Technology & Information Technology-enabled Services (IT and ITES)

- Telecommunications

- Transportation

- Others

The study also looks into the industry in light of geological conditions. In addition, the study identifies the variables affecting the growth of each region & segment.

By Regions –

- North America

- South America

- Europe

- The Middle East & Africa

- Asia Pacific

Competitive Overview -

Information on new market entrants, presence, product installations and spots, product capabilities, company strengths and weaknesses, product launches, product dominance, and operation dominance are all covered in the report. To help readers better understand their competitors and the competitive environment in general, it introduces players in the market from the standpoint of market share, concentration ratio, etc. and goes into extensive detail on the leading companies in the market. Regional conflicts, mergers and acquisitions, and emerging market trends are also considered. The market participants discussed in the report are:

- Cisco

- Fireeye Inc.


- Manageengine (ZOHO)

- Netscout Systems

- Niksun

- Novetta Solutions

- Opentext

- Palo Alto Neworks

- RSA Security

- Solarwinds

- Sonicwall

- Symantec (Broadcom)

- Vectra AI

- Viavi Solutions

- Others (Graylog, Difose, etc)

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