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Best Way To Create 360 Videos For Memorable Events!

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Want to capture every angle of your memorable events and relive them as if you were there again? Look no further than creating 360 videos and photos with the help of Videobooth360!

Whether it's your wedding day, a family reunion, or a vacation with loved ones, creating 360 videos and photos can be a great way to capture and preserve those special moments. With the increasing popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), 360 content is becoming more and more accessible to the average person. In this blog, we'll go over the best and easiest ways to create 360 videos and photos for your memorable events.

What are 360 Video and Photography?

360 video and photography are a type of content that allows you to capture the full view around you, giving viewers the feeling of being in the scene. Unlike traditional photos and videos, which only show a single perspective, 360 content captures everything in the surrounding area, making it an immersive experience.

How to Create 360 Video and Photography

Creating 360 content may seem daunting, but it's easy and fun with the right tools! Here are some of the best ways to get started:

360 Cameras

A 360 camera is specifically designed to capture 360 video and photos. These cameras usually have two or more lenses, which capture different angles, and then stitch them together to create a panoramic image. Some popular 360 cameras include the GoPro MAX, Insta360 ONE R, and Ricoh Theta Z1.

Smartphone Apps

You don't need a special camera to create 360 content. Many smartphones have apps that allow you to create 360 photos and videos. Google Street View, for example, is a free app that lets you create a 360 video booth for sale UK using just your phone's camera.

Revolving Video Booth And Photo Booth

A revolving video booth and photo booth are both types of entertainment equipment commonly used at events such as weddings, corporate events, and parties. A revolving video booth is a recording setup using a rotating platform or turntable. Participants stand on the platform while the camera captures footage from different angles as it rotates. The resulting video is a fun and engaging way to capture memories of an event or celebration.

A photo booth, on the other hand, is a setup that allows participants to take pictures of themselves using a camera and a backdrop. Photo booths are often equipped with props and accessories such as hats, glasses, and other items that can be used to create fun and memorable photos.

Both revolving video and photo booths are popular choices for events because they provide entertainment for guests and a fun way to capture memories of the occasion. They can be rented from various companies specializing in event entertainment and are typically set up on-site at the event.


 If you already have a camera that doesn't support 360, you can still create 360 content using the software. Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects have built-in 360 video editing capabilities, which allow you to convert regular footage into 360.

Tips for Creating Great 360 Video Content

Now that you know how to create 360 content, here are some tips for making it look great:


Choose a location that has a lot of interesting features or scenery. The more things there are to see, the more immersive the experience will be.

Location plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. Whether you're starting a new venture or expanding an existing one, finding the right location is key to achieving your goals. A strategic location can help attract customers, reduce operating costs, and improve overall profitability.


Good lighting is essential for capturing clear and vibrant 360 content. Ensure you're shooting in a well-lit environment, or use external lighting to brighten the scene. When it comes to capturing 360 content, good lighting is essential. You can always consider a 360 video booth for rent. Without proper lighting, your 360 photos and videos will appear dim, blurry, and lackluster. Not only does good lighting help produce clear and vibrant images, but it also enhances the overall viewing experience for your audience.


When capturing 360 content, it's important to keep the camera steady. However, adding some subtle movement, such as panning or tilting, can add depth and interest to the video. 360 content has the ability to transport viewers to different locations. It further allows them to experience a scene as if they were actually there.

Adding subtle movements to your 360 videos and photos can make the experience even more immersive, enhancing your content's overall quality and engagement.


360 video and photography are great ways to capture and preserve memories of your special events. Anyone can create immersive and engaging 360 content with the right tools and techniques. Whether you're using a 360 camera, smartphone app, or software, make sure to choose interesting locations. Prefer using good lighting and adding some subtle movement to create the best results. So, go ahead and start creating 360 content to capture your special moments like never before!

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