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Blue World Trade Center | Tallest Twin Towers in Islamabad

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Tallest Twin Towners

By elevating trade, retail, business, and leisure, the BGC-IGC Consortium fosters commerce. The first citadel property exchange in Pakistan is called Blue World Trade Center. The tallest commercial address in the Twin Cities will be the Blue World Trade Center. The 29-story structure has a height of 500 feet and is used for "commercial outlets, corporate offices, and loft residences," among other things. The major objective is to provide a setting where all forms of trade, business, and retail may be found under one roof. The Blue World Trade Center will be the most sought-after corporate address due to its handy location, especially for companies trying to remain ahead of the competition.

Twin Towers Construction

Are you prepared to soar to a new level? The Blue World Trade Center will be the highest structure ever constructed in the Twin Cities in Pakistan. The Blue Group of Companies completed the project, quickly developing a reliable reputation. Aside from these details, the business tower is totally built using cutting-edge technology and creative building design, with all facilities and services that support the company's comfort and productivity.

One of the most beautiful structures is the BWTC. The following is a breakdown of it by floor:

  • Dedicated Car Parking – Basements 1 & 2
  • Shopping Mall – Lower Ground, Ground, and 1st Floor
  • Food Court & Play Area – 2nd Floor
  • Services Storey – 3rd Floor
  • Corporate Offices – 4th till 16th Floor
  • Loft Apartments – 23rd and 24th Floor
  • Services Storey – 25th Floor

Petronas Towers

From 1998 through 2004, Urban Habitat and Tall Building rated Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Tower as the world's tallest twin buildings. The Petronas tower's duplicate, the Blue World Trade Center (BWTC), will be constructed. For the circulation of tourists, a skywalk will be built between the enormous structures. This significant project will be undertaken by the most skilled developers.

The Best Location

Investors like Blue World Trade Center because of its desirable location. GT Road, Bahria Town, the Civic Center, Rawalpindi Ring Road, Giga Mall, and Lignum Tower are all entry points. An investor regularly reviews the investing site before making a purchase. Blue Group of Companies has monitored the area ever since for this reason.

Accessible Places

  • Accessible from M2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad)
  • Entry Point on Main Chakri Road
  • Close to Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • BWTC is accessible from Adiala Road
  • Close to GT Road
  • Easily Accessible from Islamabad Expressway
  • 10 minutes distance from Pearl Continental (PC)

Features and Amenities of Blue World Trade Center

  • Air conditioning
  • Splendid terraces
  • 24/7 surveillance system
  • Hyper-mart
  • Restaurants, outdoor cafes
  • Hotels
  • Corporate offices
  • Wide prayer area
  • Maintenance management services
  • Power supply 24/7

Enormous Parking Area         

People want to park safely whenever they travel. There is a separate, very large parking space.

Gigantic Prayer Area

We have to pray five times a day since we are Muslims. Sometimes we need to worship even if there isn't a mosque or a house nearby. For this reason, a huge prayer space designated for guests and employees must be used.


The structure seeks to offer amazing, opulent dining options, especially for foodies, as well as luxury and flexibility for both business centres and tourists. The upscale dining establishments and cafeterias will be enjoyed by the public. You may commemorate the most special occasions in your life at the BWTC thanks to an individual experience.

Shopping Centers

All the retail brands are on the bottom level. The following is the list:

  • NIKE
  • HSY
  • NEXT
  • Banks and ATMs

People today believe carrying cash is dangerous. Debit cards are thus preferred when necessary. As a result, Blue World City introduced the BWTC facility, which made things simpler for the public because banks and ATMs are located on-site.

24/7 Power Supply 

The Blue World Trade Center has a continuous power supply. The upscale and exceptional hyper-mart that will be part of Supermarket Store Blue World Trade Center will offer a remarkable grocery experience.

Shopping Center

Blue World Trade Center helps domestic and foreign retailers build local brands in the shopping traffic as part of its operations. Numerous further 500 retail, dining, and entertainment establishments provide both domestic and foreign brands.

Monument, OIC

In March, Pakistan once again had the privilege of hosting the OIC meeting's 48th session. 56 government representatives from several nations attended this summit while the Russian-Ukrainian crisis was in the headlines.

In commemoration of the OIC's 48th session in Pakistan, the Islamic Unity Monument in Blue World City will be constructed, serving as a symbol of Islamic civilization and the unification of the Muslim Ummah.

Business Center

Investors have a great chance to support the growth of their enterprises by investing in Blue World Trade Center. Due to its exceptional location, floor plan, superior structural construction, and solid legal status, Blue World Trade Center is a great investment opportunity.


The Blue World Trade Center and Blue Town Sapphire is the first property exchange business skyscraper in the nation. They want to develop a multi-use, creative building with all of the opulent amenities and facilities in Pakistan to serve as a hub for property expansion. Without a doubt, this will considerably increase high-tech business functionality and productivity. The top investment portals are provided by TimeSquare Marketing, and they work with the best project developers, including Blue World City.

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