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Smart Indoor Living Solutions – Review

home theater,Internet . 

We are Seagull Electronics, we provide indoor living solutions with smart technology that turn the home you live in into lavish cozy, efficient, and comfortable space. 

We are present across Jupiter, Florida, helping customers gain complete control over their entire property. We can provide smart indoor living systems in the following areas:

  • Kitchen Did you put the stove off before leaving the home? Do you want to make a queue for to get your morning coffee? Our smart kitchen features can help to take care of that and more!
  • Bedroom You can get the best night's sleep of your life by adjusting temperature control, automated shades and soft lighting queues.
  • Bathroom Do you want to hear the forecast for the weather while you get set for the day? Listen to the weather forecast with integrated sound systems throughout your home!
  • Living room Control your TV sound, media windows, and sound to turn your living space into the most relaxing space that you can.
  • Entertainment room If you own a gaming, bar or media room, you can manage the entire console, technology and gaming consoles using one device.
  • The wine cellar Easily alter the temperature of your wine cellar by using a single touch climate control from anywhere.
  • Whole-home systems manage all the rooms mentioned above in one system.

Indoor Living Installations

Palm Beach County is a stunning area, but the climate can be a bit challenging. It is often a battle with hot temperatures and high humidity. We'd like to help you to create a sanctuary that which you can escape to in the summer heat or cool winter nights to experience greater comfort. Are you searching for smart home automation palm beach county? Seagull Electronics is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Our team has all-inclusive interior living systems that permit you to:

  • Get the perfect lighting at home by utilizing the latest lighting control
  • Set up settings easily with single-touch controls
  • Watch everything in your home, with real-time surveillance
  • Rely upon high-speed Internet to connect all your devices
  • Unwind in your luxurious home theater complete with surround sound
  • Save energy costs by utilizing intelligent shading technology that blocks UV light.
  • Make sure you control your air conditioner when you're away to cut down on use
  • Relax knowing that we are there for you If anything should go wrong

Our Services

We believe that upgrading your old technology to an intelligent system that is fully integrated transforms the house into a relaxing and contemporary home. We will work with you to develop an individualized solution that will meet every need that include:

Home theater

Imagine watching a film on a huge screen with crystal-clear surround sound , without ever leaving your house. The home theater solutions we offer transform your idea into a reality.

Multi-room audio

The idea of playing music across all rooms often results in one area too loud and the other rooms too quiet. Our integrated multi-room sound system distributes sound evenly across your home with zoned speakers.


There's a good chance you have more than one or two lights around your home. Switching them off multiple times throughout the day is a pain and adds to energy bills. The lighting management system allows you to schedule automated lighting to create the perfect ambience in each space.

Automated shades

The letting in of too much or not enough sunlight can increase your energy costs also damage windows, and can even damage the items in your home. Instead of pulling out blinds on a daily basis the automatic shade system lets you plan window shades throughout the daytime.

Voice commands

Imagine entering your house with arms full of groceries. The worst thing you could do is to fall on something while trying to switch on the kitchen's lights. Voice commands allow you to control everything around your home without having to lift a finger.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance in the interior is ideal for monitoring children, pets, or other things inside your home. Our system is live-streamed that can be synced directly to your mobile.


You might be wondering how you will power all this tech on your current network. But don't worry, our Wi-Fi service has high-end power that is able to handle the latest gadgets.

Home automation

Whole home systems let users to manage all of the features mentioned above all from one platform. Instead of managing a multitude of switches and panels easily control all of the home's electrical power via your smartphone.

Discreet devices

We design and build every interior device as well as smart home technology that seamlessly blend into your home's design décor.

Seagull Electronics: Our Process

The selection of the contractors you want to enhance your home, is essential and we know how difficult it can be. We will guide through each step by providing clear communication to ensure that you feel respected and on the same page. Our standard procedure includes five steps to make sure that you're completely satisfied

First meeting

When you set up your first appointment Our team examines your house, needs, and expectations to figure out what services might meet your needs.

Initial design

After consultation our team, we develop an initial concept that is in line with your needs and budget. If we present the plan, you can provide any suggestions or comments to help us improve the proposal.

Final design

We take your feedback and use it to make the final adjustments to the layout. When we've finished the plan, we will provide the timeline and expenses in writing so you are aware of what you're paying for.

Installation and set-up

The team we work with installs program and installs every technology device in your home so you do not have to be a slave trying to get your device onboard. We will show you how to operate each device and provide answers to any questions so you're able to feel comfortable.


After our team has completed the task, we conduct the final walkthrough and test the appliances, lights and windows, cameras or any other equipment to ensure that everything functions as it ought to.

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