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SAP Certified Associate – Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud (C_SAC_2402)

Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud C_SAC_2402 Dumps . 
The C_SAC_2402 certification certification serves as a testament to the individual's understanding and competence in using SAP Analytics Cloud. Passcert offers the most recent Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud C_SAC_2402 Dumps. These resources are meticulously designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, thereby amplifying your chances of passing the certification exam. By using Passcert Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud C_SAC_2402 Dumps, you will be well-prepared to showcase your expertise during the exam and achieve the prestigious SAP C_SAC_2402 certification on your very first attempt. 
Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud C_SAC_2402 Dumps
This certification provides a solid validation that you possess the fundamental and core knowledge required of the SAP Analytics Cloud Data Analyst profile. It's a testament to your understanding of the complexities of data analysis using SAP's suite of cloud-based tools. This certification proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and in-depth technical skills to participate effectively as a member of a project team. It indicates that you are competent in your role and can contribute significantly to the team's objectives. Furthermore, it is a stepping-stone for those looking to enhance their career in data analysis and management, particularly in the context of SAP solutions.

Exam Overview

Exam Code: C_SAC_2402
Exam Name: SAP Certified Associate – Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud
Exam: 60 questions
Cut Score: 70%
Duration: 120 mins
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Exam Topics

In order to adequately prepare for your upcoming test, it's crucial that you gain a thorough understanding and mastery of the following subject areas:
- Story Design: This area, which composes 31% to 40% of the test content, involves creating compelling narratives with your data, presenting it in a way that's engaging and easy to understand.
- Data Modeling, Analysis, and Integration: Making up 21% to 30% of the test, this portion requires a solid understanding of how to structure, analyze, and integrate data from various sources.
- Planning: Also comprising 21% to 30% of the test, this section will assess your ability to plan and strategize data projects, including setting goals, defining tasks, and allocating resources.
- Connections and Data Preparation: This area, covering 11% to 20% of the test, focuses on connecting to data sources, preparing your data for analysis, and ensuring it's in the right format.
- Performance, Troubleshooting, and Security Management: Composing 11% to 20% of the test, this portion will test your knowledge of how to manage performance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure data security.

Share Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud C_SAC_2402 Free Dumps

1.What source system can you connect to with a live connection?
A. SAP ERP Central Component
B. SAP SuccessFactors
C. SAP Business ByDesign Analytics
D. SAP Datasphere
Answer: D
2.You are using a live connection for a model. Where is the data stored?
A. Public dataset
B. SAP Analytics Cloud model
C. Source system
D. Embedded data set
Answer: C
3.You are using a live connection for a model. Where can you define data security?
A. Source system
B. Data access control
C. SAP Analytics Cloud model
D. SAP Analytics Cloud role
Answer: A
4. You have a dataset that extracts data from an SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) system. The data in the SAP BW system changes.
How can you update the dataset?
A. You must create a new dataset.
B. You must manually reimport the data.
C. You must refresh the story that uses the dataset.
D. You can schedule the dataset to update on a regular basis.
Answer: D
5. The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) modeler has removed the first three characters from an SAP Analytics Cloud public dimension imported from a source system.
What is impacted by this change?
A. Public datasets
B. Source system
C. Stories
D. Embedded data sets
Answer: C
6. Which SAP Analytics Cloud feature uses natural language processing?
A. Digital boardroom
B. Data analyzer
C. Smart insight
D. Just Ask feature
Answer: C
7. You have a story in My Files. You want your colleague to review and comment on the story.
What must you do?
A. Create a Review task for the story
B. Add a Comment widget to the story
C. Share with View access
D. Include the story in a Discussion
Answer: B
8. How can you help a user enter data faster in a planning story? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. Select fluid data entry mode in the story.
B. Enable Optimize Recommended Planning Area in the model.
C. Set Size Limits for Planning Performance in the model.
D. Enable unbooked data in the story.
Answer: A B
9. How can you limit the refresh time of a story?
A. Use canvas pages
B. Collapse the hierarchy
C. Create calculated measures
D. Implement a value driver tree
Answer: B
10. What can you use input controls for in a story? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. Changing dimensions or measures displayed in a table
B. Filtering data on a page
C. Selecting an alternate data source
D. Implementing row-level and column-level security in a table
Answer: A B

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