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Effective techniques to deal with Intuit Data Protect Errors

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Intuit Data Protect helps users create a complete backup of their financial data in QuickBooks. However, they can sometimes get bothered by Intuit Data Protect Errors, which randomly develop and interrupt the backup process. If you also fail to create a data backup due to these errors, this blog will help you understand why they develop and the correct methods to eliminate them from your computer.

Approach our QB support team at +1-855-738-2784 for quick troubleshooting of this error.

Learn why Intuit Data Protect has stopped working on your computer

You’ll face problems creating a QB data backup if the Intuit Data Protect (IDP) doesn’t work on your system. The reasons for a malfunction in the Intuit Data Protect are mentioned below in detail-

  1. The QB data file you are trying to back up is damaged and the software develops issues when it processes it.
  2. Windows Firewall stops Intuit Data Protect from accessing the system files or using the resources (RAM, Processor, web services, etc.)
  3. Network Connectivity issues can also cause problems when you try creating your QB data backup using Intuit Data Protect.

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Appropriate methods to fix IDP not starting automatically

You won’t be able to back up your financial data in QB if IDP fails to start or crashes randomly. The methods required to rectify the IDP issues are mentioned below in detail-

Solution 1- Set up the Windows Firewall settings correctly to safeguard IDP

Intuit Data Protect can face trouble accessing the company file or utilizing the system resources if it gets blocked by the Windows firewall. The backup process will stop in between, and you won’t be able to back up your data even after numerous attempts. You need to ensure the Windows Firewall doesn’t block QB or IDP to create the backup of your financial data without problems. Use the following steps to add firewall ports in the system settings-

  1. Use your control panel to access the Windows Defender Firewall or open its window from the search panel.
  2. Tap Advanced Settings in the left column and select the inbound Rules
  3. Single-click New Rule on the top-right and type the firewall ports as mentioned below-
    • Incoming Port: 80
    • Outgoing Port: 443, 16841
  4. Use the instructions in the window to add the firewall ports.
  5. You need to apply all these steps again after selecting Outbound Rules instead of Inbound Rules.
  6. Close the Windows Firewall Settings window and try running IDP to create the data backup.

If IDP fails to run after fixing the firewall settings, check out the next solution.

Solution 2- Create the backup again after repairing your company file

IDP can also malfunction and fail to create a data backup if the company file gets damaged and fails to run. You must repair the company file as described in the following steps-

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer and go to the Company file issues
  2. Select the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool option and enter the data file’s location.
  3. Select the Check your file option and start the tool by entering your QB admin password.


This is the end of our blog providing the causes of Intuit Data Protect Errors and the threat they pose to your QuickBooks. The practical methods to get rid of the IDP errors are mentioned in the blog, and we advise you to use them to create QB data backup without any problems.

Talk to our QB support team at +1-855-738-2784 if you run into problems while using the solutions.

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