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Guide to The Health Benefits and Working of a Vacuum Cleaner

Regular cleaning or vacuuming is essential for maintaining a proper household. Although it may be tedious and exhausting, neglecting cleaning chores for a prolonged period should never be an option. Vacuuming regularly not only cleans your home but also protects your carpets and extends their lifespan. In addition, using a Pacvac vacuum provides various health benefits to homeowners by disinfecting the entire house from harmful germs or bacteria. Vacuuming takes less energy than manual sweeping and dusting tasks. 

Explore the numerous health benefits of using a Pacvac vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean the floor and make it disinfectant within a few minutes. 

  • Improve home hygiene - Vacuuming can improve the cleanliness of your home surroundings and eliminate dust, pollen, and unwanted particles on the rugs, carpet and floor. The unwanted particles may cause serious health issues, diseases, allergies or infections. It removes all the particle pollution from your house, making the floor playing safe for kids and pets. 

  • Air quality - Air quality directly affects a person's health, and vacuuming becomes essential if the person is already infected by asthma and allergies. The increased allergens and dust particles in the house result in health issues. Clean the floor up to the maximum extent by vacuuming.

  • Prevent dust mite infestation - Dust is the unseen tiny particles available in the environment. An increased number of these dust mites can cause allergies and infections by entering your body through inhaling. It can enter through the nose, eyes, ears and mouth, making you dirty and increasing problems later. 

  • Helps in sound sleep - When the air, surroundings, floor and everything is dust free, it doesn’t irritate you and helps in sound sleeping at night. You will not face any breathing problems and feel refreshed. 

  • Prevents mould growth - You can observe vacuum benefits by cleaning mould growing on the dirty carpet that is largely exposed to moisture. Daily vacuum cleaning will help you to stay away from germs or diseases. 

Vacuum can absorb various dust particles that cause diseases and allergies. Improved physical, mental and emotional health are the signs that indicate the benefits of vacuuming daily. You can vacuum daily for the health benefits of your family members, kids and pets. Vacuum cleaners simplify the task of dust cleaning, and it is hard imagining life without these professional cleaners

  • How do vacuum cleaners work?

Vacuum cleaners are the most powerful, automated and handy tool to revolutionise house cleaning procedures. It fulfils the unique cleaning needs of house owners and allows them to live peacefully without any allergies, infections or diseases. Vacuum offers various features and functions to clean the house perfectly. It is interesting to understand the basic functioning of a vacuum. How do vacuums work with the help of various components inside the vacuum?

  1. Suction motor - The suction motor creates vacuum pressure by motor fan rotation. A rotation speed of about 30,000 to 35,000 RPM makes the suction work efficiently. The speed of the suction motor can be measured by multiplying the air flow rate and pressure of the vacuum that induces airflow from the hose brush. 

  2. Brush - Modern vacuums use different nozzles to clean various surfaces, rooms or types of debris. You can save time and effort by using the right tool and equipment for vacuuming your house. Two-step and electric brushes are available in the market for the unique need and demands of the customers. 

  3. Dust collector - Among the two types of dust collector - one dust collector uses a bag and the other doesn't need any bag. The vacuum cleaner with a dust bag is light in weight that needs bag replacement with time at specified intervals. The bagless vacuum dust collectors have single-cyclone and multi-cyclone types. Although a single cyclone is heavier, it has great suction power and handles more dust particles without the replacement of the new ones. The multi-cyclone collects more complicated particles and has more powerful suction than a single cyclone. 

  4. Exhaust filter - The exhaust filter has three stages of collecting dust particles. Large particles with more than 10 microns are collected in a bagless cyclone. In the second stage, dust particles sized about 0.3 - 1 microns are filtered through a microfilter. Exhaust filters collect dust particles. 

All the internal parts of a vacuum cleaner work together to function as a dust cleaner machine successfully. 

  • Should you dust before you vacuum?

It is best to dust before vacuuming your house as the dust particles collected in a vacuum will get spread in the room. You will not get any positive cleaning results, so you should wait 2 hours after dusting for efficient vacuum cleaning.

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