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How to do botox hair treatment

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The beauty industry is developing rapidly. In the 21st century, we know everything about being young and beautiful for as long as possible. There are a lot of beauty procedures for that and materials that help us to stay young. One of them which is really famous is the botox treatment.  When you hear “botox” the first thing you think about is skin, but here we are going to talk about hair botox which is as common as botox for the skin.

In the last ten years, botulinum toxin, also known as botox, has become very popular in the cosmetic industry. Celebrities and social media influencers have begun to discuss it more openly, giving the controversial skin procedure a more acceptable and even desirable setting. While botox for the skin concentrates on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, botox for the hair is totally different. To begin with, botox for hair is not an injectable technique and does not actually include the botulinum toxin component. It merely adopts the label "botox" for a deep conditioning treatment. That is applied topically and works by "reversing time" for your hair.

Like skin, the hair on your head ages and loses its volume and suppleness. New hair products that claim to help fill in the hair, make it smooth, and minimize frizz is marketed as hair botox treatment

How does this work?

Botox hair treatment is one of the hair services. Actually a deep conditioning procedure, hair Botox fills hair fibers with a filler like keratin. To make the hair appear fuller and more lustrous, the treatment fills up any thin or broken areas on each hair strand.

As you might have gathered by now, there are no established formulas or guidelines for the hair botox procedure. For the treatment, experts combine a variety of well-known ingredients, including peptides, Vitamin B5, lipids, proteins, amino acids, collagen complex, and vitamins. Then, these are mixed with a few conditioning agents. These components combined serve as a filler substance for hair fibers that are thinning. All of these components aid in reducing frizz and restoring damaged and lifeless hair.

The main process

Washing your hair properly in order to remove any dirt, oil buildup, and filth from your scalp is the first step. In this phase, a purifying shampoo is typically utilized. Your hair will be free of all serum leftovers and the cuticles will be opened. Since a clean foundation is required for treatment, a conditioner is not applied after washing the hair.

After the hair has been cleaned, towels are used to completely dry it. The hair botox product is then applied and massaged through your hair from roots to tips once the hair is sectioned. After being left alone for 45 minutes, the treated hair is washed off with a sulfate-free, mild cleanser.

Finally, the hair is blast dried once the product has been fully removed from it. After that, the substance is sealed inside the hair fibers using heat straightening. Some professionals will even straighten and dry your hair without washing it first. This would aid in the product's deeper penetration.

Hair botox vs Keratin

In contrast to keratin and cysteine treatments, hair botox is a non-chemical, formaldehyde-free deep conditioning procedure. To reduce frizz and brighten dull damaged hair, a procedure of covering the hair's surface with less harmful substances is used. This indicates that while hair botox does have some benefits for straightening hair. They are not comparable to those of pure straightening procedures. However, it does assist in rebuilding damaged and thickening thin spots in your hair fibers to make them appear and feel silky and abundant.



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