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How to Find and Hire a Perfect Game Dev Team in 2023

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In the age of technological innovation, the gaming industry has experienced exponential growth. With virtual reality, augmented reality, and countless other advancements, the demand for high-quality games has never been greater. This surge in demand inevitably calls for more talented game developers to join the fray, taking on the challenge of bringing new game concepts to life. Given the decentralized world of work we find ourselves in today, companies are increasingly considering hiring remote software teams and developers to cater to this demand.

In such a landscape, hiring game developers has become paramount. The sheer potential of a remote workforce means businesses can tap into global talent, fostering creativity and diversity. But how do you find the perfect team in this vast sea of talent? Here's a detailed guide on how to navigate this journey in 2023.

1. Determine Your Game's Requirements

Before you begin your search, be clear about your game's objectives.

  • Genre & Mechanics: Decide the type of game you want to create – RPG, strategy, simulation, etc. Knowing your game's mechanics can determine the expertise you'll require.
  • Platform: Will it be for PC, console, mobile, or all? Different platforms have varying developmental needs.
  • Graphics & Design: The complexity of the graphics can dictate whether you'll need a larger team or more specialized skills.

2. Search for Relevant Portfolios

You want a team that not only possesses the skills but also has a track record.

  • Game Dev Platforms: Websites like Unity Connect or Unreal Engine forums have communities of game developers showcasing their portfolios.
  • Freelance Platforms: Websites like Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer are teeming with game development professionals.

3. Conduct Technical Interviews

An impressive portfolio isn't enough. You need to ensure that the team can technically deliver.

  • Skill-based Challenges: Give potential hires a small task relevant to your project. For instance, if your game has a unique mechanic, see if they can develop a prototype.
  • Problem-Solving: See how they approach challenges. This can provide insights into their critical thinking abilities.

4. Check Compatibility & Communication Skills

Working with a remote team requires seamless communication.

  • Virtual Meetings: Set up video calls to get a feel for their responsiveness and clarity.
  • Language & Time-Zones: Ensure they can communicate effectively in your language and can work around potential time-zone differences.

5. Set Clear Milestones

Once you have your team, it’s essential to maintain clear communication paths.

  • Regular Updates: Set intervals (weekly, bi-weekly) for updates to ensure the project is on track.
  • Feedback Loop: Create a system where you give feedback, and they can ask questions or provide clarifications.

6. Offer Competitive Compensation

The best talent knows its worth.

  • Research Market Rates: Ensure you're offering a competitive package based on their country of residence, skills, and experience.
  • Incentivize Milestones: Offering bonuses for early or exceptional deliveries can motivate your team to give their best.

7. Ensure Legalities Are in Place

Working with a remote team can have legal implications.

  • Contracts: Ensure every team member signs a comprehensive contract that covers payment terms, intellectual property rights, and other essential clauses.
  • NDA: Especially if your game has unique concepts, ensure everyone is on a non-disclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property.


In the thrilling world of game development in 2023, the quest for finding and hiring game developers is both a challenge and an opportunity. With the possibility of harnessing global talent, the potential for creativity and innovation is vast. By ensuring clarity in requirements, conducting thorough evaluations, establishing open communication channels, and respecting the worth of the talent you engage, you can ensure that your game development journey is a resounding success. Dive into this adventure with an open mind and clear strategy, and watch your game idea transform into a captivating reality.

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