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Marketing Insights – Introduction to Photoshoots for Clothing Brands

Digital Marketing,Fashion Tech . 

Marketing is an important requirement in any business, and the fashion industry is not an exception. One of the strategies to market your clothing and apparel is to take amazing photos to be used in both digital marketing and selling. 

There are amazing photography companies that can help you to do a photoshoot for clothing brand in a way that meets your needs and aligns with all digital marketing requirements. This introduction to clothing photography will guide you in taking the best photos this year to take your clothing brand to the next level.

Make Your Clothing Photoshoot Goals

Before anything else, it is good to know why you need the photoshoot for a clothing brand. After all, marketing strategies must have a goal. So, what message do you want to pass to the audience, where do you want to post the taken images, and what do you want to achieve at the end of the day? 

Many fashion brands use clothing photos for paid ads, social media marketing, product descriptions, and the like. Therefore, the photoshoot for clothing brand should focus on making clear yet light images to load fast even for people using slow internet. 

Hire Professional Photographers

Photoshoot for clothing brand should be done by professional photographers such as the ones on Squareshot website. They have a variety of packages such as paired products, ghost mannequins, and shadowed products, among others. Apart from giving you a variety of options, they also edit the clothes photographs to remove faults, enhance their appearance, and meet your other needs. 

Take time to choose professional photographers through review websites and social media. They should be near you so that you can collaborate with them easily. Some prefer to come to your shop but taking the clothes into the studio where the setting is optimum. The experts will perfectly plan for your photoshoot for clothing brand.

Pick a Photoshoot Package

As hinted, there are different packages for your photoshoot for clothing brand. Here are the most common options and their benefits;

  • Ghost mannequin – This is a common photography option used for all clothes such as dresses, pants, sweaters, blazers, and jackets, among others. It gives a good illusion of how the clothes will look on the user. 
  • Flat lay – This can also be good but only shows a 2D illusion of clothes. It is best with colorful apparel because the details are easily visible. 
  • Pinned and hanged – You can also choose these types of photoshoot for clothing brand because it shows all the details of the clothes. 
  • Single, paired, and grouped – This is determined by your presentation preference. Some people want each item to appear alone or in groups.
  • Shadow or no shadow – This is also a presentation style to make your photoshoot for clothing brand more enticing. 


Photoshoot for clothing brand can be a costly affair, but it is good to work with professionals with fair packages. The good thing is that you can use these images over and over in your online selling and digital marketing endeavors. As you can see, it is very easy to go about this.

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