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Style Your Wall with Beautiful Wall Paintings and Art

Wall Paintings . 

Wall paintings and many other artworks from photo frames, wall clocks, and shelves, together can make your home lively and fill your barren walls. It gives a space a complete feeling. Different rooms as per their name have different purposes so the paintings or artwork should be different for all the rooms depicting different themes or stories. The way you keep your house tells a lot about your personality so choosing an art piece will show your taste in art and design. Either way, choosing a wall paint first or other wall art first, it should be chosen as per the color theme of the room.

Wall mantra has a wide variety of peel and stick wood planks and other wall art depending upon the price, size, type, and purpose. Every member of the family can choose a different painting or art for their respective rooms. Wall mantra assures a wide range of products that will be appealing to every member. Your home can have different elements in different rooms like a designer wall clock with wall art or painting in the living room but only a painting and basic clock in other rooms. Depending on the size of the room you can opt for large paintings for large rooms and certain small frames for small rooms. The only factor for consideration is that it should look overcrowded.  

Decorate your room with different paintings and wall art:-

The living room is the most used and busiest part of the house where all the interaction takes place between family members and guests. So, the décor should be selected such that it provides depth and character to your space. It should match suitably or complement the wall color, other art pieces, furniture, and curtains of the room. You can enhance the look of the room by adding picture lights on the paintings etc.

The bedroom is the place where you come and relax. The paintings should not be very vibrant and loud but instead calm and soothing. It will be better if you choose sceneries, metal wall art depicting figures of mother and child or wooden tapestry.

Kids’ rooms or other parts of the house can have wildlife and abstract and motivational quotes which can embrace the ambiance of the rooms.

Different styles of painting: -

Wildlife painting- Wildlife paintings are generally considered as auspicious as it brings good luck and prosperity to homes. You can put horses, camels, elephants, and tortoises in the living room and swans or birds in the bedroom for love.

Spiritual painting- The paintings of God idols can be placed in the home temple or common areas of the home. It gives a holy vibe to the home.

Floral paintings- Paintings of flowers and gardens can give a naturally beautiful look to the space. It can be used anywhere in the house making the room look vibrant and full of colors. It is the best choice for people who loves gardening or flowers.

Landscape and places paintings- These paintings blend with any room and bring a scenic beauty to the home. You can choose paintings of places you have been to and show them to other people.

Abstract paintings- These paintings are individual artwork where he uses his imagination and creativity. Abstract paintings can be a topic for discussion in which everyone can have a different perception of seeing the painting. It can be used to decorate any wall of the living or empty spaces of the house.

Wooden paintings- these are a type of wooden wall art and give a natural look to the home. The material is made from wood so will go well with other wooden furnishings.

Order online from wall mantra: -

At the wall mantra, you will get the best quality products at reasonable prices. Your time is precious to us so we escalate the process of delivering your order as soon as you put the order. An SMS/email is sent to you for tracking the order. You will receive the order usually in 7-8 working days but in case of any delay, we will update you via SMS/email. COD is available at the time of delivery of the product and also you can pay by MasterCard, visa, Paytm, UPI, and several other options. The payment is very convenient with easy refund and returns policies. 

Why not check here for beautiful wall paintings and art to style your walls? Consider adding pieces like the Agatha the Highland Cow framed canvas from Sarah Taylor Art to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space. With its charm and uniqueness, it can transform any room into a captivating environment. Explore more options and unleash your creativity in decorating your walls.

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