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Your child is 13-17 years old and you still do not know how to arrange a useful and enjoyable summer vacation for him? STAR Academy offers an attractive offer - a two-week trip to a language camp for children abroad in Malta!

The island of Malta does not offer competitors an opportunity when it comes to combining education with relaxation. Historic luxuries, pleasant weather, and incredibly delicious Mediterranean gastronomy. All this creates favorable conditions for the relaxation of the body. This will allow you to spend time studying languages ​​in a relaxed atmosphere, especially in comfortable camps. In Malta, a trip to a shop or a walk is the focus of language practice with a native speaker. What time to study at home in Pakistan is still missing!

Language camps in Malta provide opportunities for children to practice communicating in English on an ongoing basis. Camp staff and fellow school teachers are from around the world, and all communication is conducted in English. This will increase your knowledge of grammar and expand your vocabulary.

What you need to know about camping

EC School has experience in the most modern education system in Malta. Which was one of the best schools that have been around for more than two decades. The Malta Camp of this establishment has earned an impeccable reputation and has acquired a large number of satisfied clients, aged 13-17 from various departments. Who is studying here?

The camp is located in the beautiful resort town of Saint Julian's, near a cozy cove.

The SUMMER CAMP includes the following components:

  • There are a total of 20 45-minute English lessons per week. Participants are divided into international groups based on their primary language proficiency level. The maximum number of children in one group was 15;
  • Children live in a comfortable hotel for 3-4 people per room, and if desired, your child can settle with his compatriots/immigrants from other countries. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, and an electric kettle. With all the necessary amenities, the hotel has a safe for valuables, a swimming pool, a computer room, and a free Wi-Fi zone.
  • Diet - Three balanced meals a day
  • Daily entertainment, excursions to island cities, visits to museums, cinemas, karaoke cafes, cruises, and many other interesting programs.
  • The way from the airport to the hotel and on the day of departure - from the hotel to the airport.
  • Training materials at the end of the course - Certificate of completion of the language course.
  • 24/7 child care and supervision by Stars Academy Multan Campus staff and nannies;
  • The way from the hotel to school and back for every other trip - by school bus from EU schools.

Language camps in Malta in EU schools are a safe and comfortable place. You will be given an accompanying phone number from the Star Academy, and you will have the opportunity to meet the group leader in person after the contract, that is, before the flight. Our counselors from the school camp live with the children. In the same hotel, they are always nearby on every trip.

If you want and pay more you can provide your child with the following:

  • Diving lessons (for beginners or advanced divers);
  • Special Adventure Package This includes horseback riding, jeep safaris, and Sicily tours. And a boat trip to the island of Gozo.

Additional Payment Required:

  • flights from Pakistan to Malta.
  • Consular fees
  • Stars Academy services include registration for camp courses. Visa support (from consultation and document preparation to document submission and visa acceptance)
  • health insurance.

Star Academy forms a group to go camping in Malta. It works with both individual and group applications. We are open to cooperation and happy to consider alternatives to partnering with travel agents.


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