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The Complete Guide To QuickBooks Desktop Pricing 2023

Download QuickBooks Desktop,How to Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop 2023,QuickBooks Desktop 2023 download . 

Every year, QuickBooks keeps up with the times by releasing its latest version. In anticipation of 2023, QuickBooks Desktop 2023 was made available in September 2022. This update offers plenty of useful features for both regular users and accountants. To learn more about these features, cost, and license policy, take a look at this article or connect with our team with their help, you can gain access to expert advice from certified QuickBooks professionals.

What Are the System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Software?

To maximize the efficiency of QuickBooks software, you need to fulfill a certain set of requirements. As a result, you will be more productive and profitable at work. Below you will find information on the operating system, hardware, software, and other requirements you will need to run QuickBooks Desktop.

Operating System

  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1), all editions, including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2011, Standard and Essentials

Note: Since Microsoft doesn't provide security updates or support for computers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, you must upgrade your operating system before installing QuickBooks. Additionally, it helps keep your data secure.OpenSUSE Leap 15.1, 15.2

  • Fedora 31, 32
  • Red Hat Enterprise 8 (RHEL 8)

Browser Requirement:

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 requires internet access and Google Chrome

Hardware and Operating System:

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 requires a 64-bit Windows operating system and will not run on a 32-bit Windows operating system.

Processor: 2.4 GHz minimum

RAM:  8GB minimum for 64-bit, 16GB Recommended

Server RAM requirements: 1-5 Users: 8GB RAM10 Users: 12GB RAM15 Users: 16GB RAM20 Users: 20+GB RAM

Disk Space: 2.5GB of disk space (additional space required for data files). Additional software: 60MB for Microsoft .NET 4.8 Runtime, included with installation files. To use Intuit Data Protect with QuickBooks Connected Services, you need at least 4.0GB RAM, twice the size of the largest file to back up + 100MB, or twice the size to restore. Space is only needed in the folder LocalApplicationData+“Intuit\Intuit Data Protect”.

Optical Drive: A 4X DVD-ROM drive is required for physical CD installations.

Screen resolution: Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 extended monitors. Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.

Software Compatibility:

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale0, and V18.0.
  • TurboTax 2021 (Personal and Business).
  • Microsoft Office 2021, 2019, 2016 and 2013
  • Lacerte 2021.
  • Pro-Series tax year 2021.
  • Quicken 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Business Planner, Payroll, and viewing forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later.
  • Payroll and other online features and services require an Internet connection speed of at least 56 Kbps (1 Mbps is recommended).
  • Gmail, Yahoo Email, Windows Mail, Hotmail, and AOL (i.e Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client which supports the plain text version).
  • Internet Explorer 11.

Antimalware and Antivirus Software Compatibility:

  • Antivirus software
  • McAfee
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Norton
  • Kaspersky
  • Trend Micro Security
  • Webroot
  • ESET
  • Panda Dome
  • Sophos
  • Avira
  • Symantec
  • F-Secure

Antimalware software

  • Bitdefender
  • AVG
  • Malwarebytes
  • Spybot
  • Emsisoft
  • McAfee
  • Avast
  • Webroot
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Kaspersky
  • F-Secure

QuickBooks Desktop Versions & Features

You can find out which QuickBooks Desktop product is right for your business by reading the rest of this post. QuickBooks Desktop offers three versions, each with its own advantages and features.

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

In QuickBooks desktop plus 2023, the following features and functionalities are included: Despite the fact that the vehicle mileage monitoring feature is not a new feature, users will be able to track their vehicle mileage. Using the company menu, you can access this feature. Note that the iOS mobile devices can update the track mileage as well.


Also, a connection and login to an intuit accounts is required to access this feature. Only the users of QuickBooks desktop enterprise, pro plus, and premier plus can track mileage on mobile devices that support iOS. It further allows the user to easily record, monitor, and view company mileage in one location using a desktop computer or a mobile device.


New Cash Flow Hub

This new feature provides users with an easy way to examine, manage and track their cash flow. The Cash Flow Hub serves as the central hub, granting access to the accounts being tracked and an overview of one's available cash. Through this, one can observe account balances, add accounts to the list of those being monitored, analyse trends in balance over time, assess performance and control past-due invoices and payments.


To access this feature, click the cash flow hub from the company menu and then click manage the accounts to view the reports. This feature is currently available to desktop plus, enterprise, and accountant users in the US.

Latest Node Card Reader:

This feature is accessible to all editions of QuickBooks desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023 and Enterprise 23.0 with an active QuickBooks Payments account. Users can access the latest node card reader by clicking on the Pick Customers tab and then heading to Received Payment from the menu bar. This card reader supports contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Play, and many other types of payment from customers.


With QuickBooks payments integrated with QuickBooks, the payments are automatically recorded and matched when the user begins using the feature, ensuring that the books remain structured without any additional effort.


Employment or Earnings Verification by Equifax:

With this new feature, QuickBooks and Equifax combine to automate the process of verifying employment and income information for QuickBooks desktop payroll service users. With this feature, it is quicker and easier to respond to information requests. QuickBooks desktop preferences now include a Benefits and HR tab. A section on company preferences will include information about income and employment.


Optimized Payment Links Tracking in QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

The QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all editions of Desktop Enterprise 23.0 provide access to this feature with an active QuickBooks payments account. It enables you to send a payment link for transactions which do not require an invoice, as well as check the status on the new payments links dashboard. This is ideal for those times when invoices aren't appropriate - such as for initial consultations, advance deposits and more. With the new payment links dashboard, you can track the progress of the request and send reminders to your customers. You can easily send links to your customers by text message or email.


HCM with 401(k) Guidelines-

A QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and Desktop Enterprise 23.0 with an active Assisted Payroll subscription are available with HCM with 401(k) guidelines. It is as simple as adding a 401k payroll deduction and, if necessary, adding it to the list of payroll items for the user. To assign 401 (k) items to particular employees, the user will have to go to the employees’ option and select the employee center from the menu bar.


The employees can take advantage of the retirement programs included with a subscription to QuickBooks Desktop 2023. These plans, such as Integrated 401(k)s, are easy to select and set up in QuickBooks Desktop based on the user's business and employees. Once configured with the programmed contributions, there's no need for further action as Guideline receives all relevant data automatically.


Process Clearances for Bills and Purchase Orders:

To configure the approval process, the user needs to log in as the admin user. This feature is included in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 23.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond) 23.0. To access it, go to the menu bar and select Set up Approval Processes from there. In addition to reducing fraud, one can maintain business supervision by approving purchase orders and bills in a single dashboard.


Users can easily delegate account payable and purchase order activities with the bill and purchase order approval workflow. By tracking approved transactions and providing automated audit trail information, including the approver's name, the creator's information, and any relevant comments, staff members can work before deadlines by receiving prompt notifications.


Inventory Expiration Dates on Lot Numbers:

The Enterprise Accountant 23.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond) both have the inventory expiration dates on lot number feature. To access it, the admin user must sign in and select the edit tab followed by preferences tab, then choose items and inventory from the menu bar. After that they need to click on Advanced Inventory Settings button and head to the Serial/Lot No. & Expiration tab where they can enable which items need and, if necessary, an expiration date.


This feature offers comprehensive multi-level categorization and supports expiration dates, which might help the user in managing the inventory easily and effectively. Users can minimize business losses and sell goods quickly by assigning expiration dates to their inventory and placing them in transactions like sales orders, invoices, etc. The user can also reduce business liability by adding expiration dates to client interactions. Furthermore, users can use reports on expired inventory by lot or serial number, as well as a history of transactions, to take prompt action.

Step-By-Step Guide to Download QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Download your version of QuickBooks from the Downloads & Updates page. Once you do that, it will display two options: 

  • To log in as a ProAdvisor: As a ProAdvisor, log into your QuickBooks ProAdvisor Center to download your software. 
  • To login as an Accountant: Whereas, being an Accountant, log into your CAMPS to download the QB software.

Download the installation file after logging in & then, follow the below-given steps to download QuickBooks desktop:

  • Select your country, product, and QuickBooks version from the Downloads & Updates page. 
  • Then, click on download.

Are you confused about the QuickBooks version you have? Here are some steps to help you:

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise):

  • Press F2 to open the Product Information window in QuickBooks Desktop. Search for your product name, product number, and license number.
  • The product name will also include the release date.

Search for your version in the Version Used section of the File menu.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and go to the Help menu.
  • You can find the version by selecting Product Information.

You must update QuickBooks desktop application if you download an older version in order to take advantage of the latest features.

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop?

After you download QuickBooks desktop, you can install and run it to avail its best features. To help you do so, you must follow the below-given steps:

Note: If you host QuickBooks on a network for the first time, set up a multi-user network and install QuickBooks Database Server Manager before installing the QB application.

Couldn’t find the product and license number? Follow these steps:

  • If you subscribed to a monthly or annual product subscription, you should have received an email containing your QuickBooks Desktop license number and product code.
  • The license number and product code are included in the confirmation email when purchasing QuickBooks from Intuit's website.
  • If you purchased QuickBooks Desktop from a retail store, you can find the license number and product code on the inside panel of the CD.
  • If you’re reinstalling the QB application: The information would be mentioned in the Customer Account Management Portal.If you lose your license or product number, you can get in touch with our experts, who will help you regain it.

Once you have the license and product number, follow the below-listed steps to proceed with the installation process:

Step 1: Prepare for the install

  • If you have downloaded the QuickBooks Desktop version that you're currently using, save the file to a convenient location (like your Windows desktop).

Keep your product and license number handy as well.

Step 2: Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, open the downloaded exe file and then, follow the instructions that appear on your screen. 
  • Then, accept the software license agreement and click on Next.
  • Click on Next after entering your Product and License numbers.

Step 3: Decide which install type is right for you

The QuickBooks application will appear on your screen with two options: Express install and custom & network installation.

Express install:

opt express install if you meet the below-given factors:

  • If you’re using the QuickBooks application for the first time.
  • If you have reinstalled QuickBooks.
  • You might have planned to use QuickBooks on the workstation that is not part of a network of computers.
  1. Firstly, select Express followed by Next and then, click on Install.
  2. When the install process completes, try to open the QuickBooks application.

Custom and Network install:

If you meet the following factors, proceed with steps given ahead:

  • If you have installed QuickBooks other than the default location (such as on a server).
  • When you host your company files on a server.
  • Setting up a multi-user network.
  1. Firstly, select Custom and Network Options and click on Next.
  2. Choose the option that explains how you’ll use QuickBooks.
  3. Then, click on the Change the install location on the next screen.
  4. Click on Browse to decide the location of your QuickBooks folder, preferably the Programs folder.
  5. Now, click on Next to begin the install process.
  6. Open the QuickBooks application when the install process completes.

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Step 4: Activate QuickBooks Desktop

Once you have installed the QuickBooks application, try to activate and update the QuickBooks Desktop. To do so, you must proceed with the below-given steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks application, go to the Help menu and select the Activate QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • After that, verify the information by following the on-screen steps.
  • Once the steps end, QuickBooks will be activated, and you will be able to use QuickBooks.

Steps to Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Required help to install and set up QuickBooks Desktop for the Mac version? Here are a step-by-step guide and something you should know to install QuickBooks Desktop in Mac.

Step 1: Assure that QuickBooks Mac Desktop will Run on Your System

Verify the minimum system requirements for the Mac version of your QuickBooks for smooth work and fast installation.

System Requirements:

  • At least macOS 10.12 (Sierra); supported by macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
  • Intel processor, Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • Multiuser Server: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run a server.
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended).
  • 250 MB of available disk space.
  • CD/DVD drive or Internet connection for downloaded installation.
  • Printer: 100% Macintosh-compatible printer, if you plan to print invoices, checks, deposit slips, lists, purchase orders, mailing labels, reports, or graphs.
  • Checks: Use Intuit Checks if you plan to print checks. Canadian Image Ready Checks are not supported.
  • Product registration required.

Step 2: Get your License and Products Numbers

  • Download your product: You will receive a confirmation email. Which contains the license and product number? By chance, if you don’t receive your license number you may regain it. Or contact support for further assistance.
  • Download With CD: You can see the scratch-off label of the package.

Step 3: Download and Install QuickBooks Mac Desktop

  • First, download your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac version
  • You can also use the CD installer (as you purchased from a retailer) Note: If you are undergoing difficulties with the process while downloading the installer, you may require to free up the browser’s cache and cookies or try to use a different browser.

Ready for Installation

  • Close all running background applications.
  • Then enter the QuickBooks CD into the CD-ROM or can double-click the downloaded installer. Automatically the QuickBooks installation window will open.
  • In the Applications folder, move the QuickBooks icon. The application folder will also open automatically .
  • And double-click on the QuickBooks application to open it.

Step 4: Update and Convert your Company file

If you upgraded from the previous version of QuickBooks then you need to update your company file to work to the newer version.

  • Open the company file in the latest version.
  • Choose Upgrade if QuickBooks prompts you to update or convert the company file.
  • After you get an initial message, click on OK.
  • Checkout your balances, reports, and accounts to assure the correct company file is converted.

Step 5: Set Up Multi-User (Optional)

To ensure that more users can access the file simultaneously, QuickBooks may be set up in multi-user mode if you have more than one license.

  • First, open the Multi-user folder.
  • Move the QuickBooks Server icon to the Application folder.
  • To mitigate the Applications folder, select Authenticate and insert the Admin username and password.
  • Drive QuickBooks and start your company file.
  • To share your company files, click File and then Enable Multi-user Mode.


Towards the end of this segment, we believe that the information shared in above might be of some help in understanding the features of QuickBooks desktop 2023. If you are still having any queries or if you require our assistance at any point in time, then connect with our https://www.smbaccountants.com/ support team

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