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The Many Uses of a Step Deck Truck

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When you need to transport freight that exceeds the height restrictions of flatbed trailers, a step deck truck is the ideal solution. These trailers have a lower deck that drops down below the upper deck, giving you extra space to haul cargo that's too tall for flatbed trucks without a special permit.

Loading and Unloading

Step deck trucking is an excellent option for transporting large, bulky items. Because they don’t have any sides or a roof, step deck trailers can be used to haul everything from lumber to brick and even vehicles.

The loading and unloading of step deck trailers is similar to that of flatbed trucks. They don’t have doors or a roof, so they can be loaded and unloaded using a forklift.

However, when it comes to loading step deck trailers, there are a few things you should be aware of. For instance, it is important to inspect the load and the trailer after the load has been loaded, as loose gravel can fall off the truck and cause damage or injuries.

Likewise, it is also a good idea to ensure that the driver has a clear line of sight before the loading process begins. This is important for safety reasons and to ensure that all people are in the right position to load or unload the cargo.

To ensure the safety of the cargo, it is also important to follow federal and state regulations when loading step deck trailers. This includes checking for loose gravel that may fall off the truck and ensuring that all equipment is in the right place before it is loaded on the trailer.

In addition to these measures, you should also ensure that all employees are trained and experienced in the loading and unloading process of step deck trailers. This will help ensure the safety of the cargo and the trucking company as a whole.

If you’re not sure whether or not a step deck trailer is the best choice for your shipment, speak to a trucking company. They will be able to answer your questions and help you determine which trailer type is most suitable for your needs.

As a step deck truck owner-operator, you’re likely looking for loads that pay good rates and fit your particular needs. With our real-time load board, you can find loads specific to your requirements and book them instantly. Plus, we’ll provide you with Rate Insights, best paying loads, route planning and broker credit — all in one easy-to-use platform.

Transporting Tall Loads

Using a step deck truck to transport tall loads is a great way to save time and money. This type of trailer allows drivers to haul cargo that exceeds the height limits of traditional flatbed trailers without having to obtain permits.

This is especially useful for large machinery and construction equipment that could otherwise be difficult to load. Many step deck trailers have ramps that allow tractor-wheel loaders to drive right up on to the trailer.

However, if your load is too tall to fit onto a step deck, you may need a double drop trailer. These trailers have three levels that drop down to the front and end, creating an extra-low well in between the wheel axles.

In addition, some step deck trailers have a removable gooseneck that allows larger-wheeled equipment to drive up on the trailer itself. This is a great solution for hauling large tractors or vehicles, but it can also be used to ship other large loads that are too tall to fit on a step deck trailer.

You can easily find loads that suit your step deck truck by using a freight matching service like Book It Now. Our one-of-a-kind digital freight matching tools give you access to tens of thousands of approved brokers and decision tools that help you find the best routes and rates.

Then, you can instantly book your next load from a convenient online booking interface. Using Book It Now, you can save a substantial amount of time and money compared to traditional booking methods.

Our digital freight matching tools are designed to help you beat your competition by finding the best step deck loads at the best rates. That means you can book your next step deck truck load with ease, knowing that you’re getting the lowest possible rate and the highest quality customer service from your chosen carrier.

Whether you need to haul big tractors, heavy machinery, or other special cargo, a good load board can make the difference between making more money and not being able to get it. That’s why we built one of the first digital freight matching services 25 years ago.

Transporting Awkwardly Shaped Loads

When it comes to transporting awkwardly shaped loads, a step deck trailer can be an effective option. Whether you’re hauling machinery for construction or any other type of industry, these versatile trailers can safely accommodate a variety of equipment.

This is because these vehicles can be designed with an upper deck that can support heavier cargo. Additionally, their lower decks allow for easy load and unloading. They are also safer for forklift operators as they sit closer to the ground, reducing the risk of injury.

Moreover, the step deck’s lower deck can also serve as a ramp to help transport oversized loads and other bulky equipment. This can save you a considerable amount of money in labor and materials costs.

There are several types of step deck trailers to choose from, including double drop flatbed trailers and stretch single drop trailers. These are specialized trailers that have been engineered to carry overheight and overlength loads in the most efficient way possible.

One of the most common uses for step deck trailers is for shipping construction and manufacturing equipment. These vehicles can transport a wide range of products, but they are particularly useful for shipments of large, heavy equipment.

Another useful use for step deck trailers is for shipping freight that needs cover from the elements. These trailers feature roll top tarps (aka Conestoga tarps or rolltite tarps), which can protect your load from rain, hail and other elements.

A final useful use for step deck trailers is for transporting odd shaped or oversized goods. These can include pallets, containers and other items that are too big to fit in a standard flatbed.

As a trucking company owner-operator, you likely have a variety of specialty loads you need to haul. The right tool can make your job easier, and help you get more loads and more money.

Transporting Wide Loads

In the transportation industry, there are many types of freight that are too tall for traditional dry vans. This is where step deck truck comes in.

This type of trailer can haul loads that are too tall for a flatbed, without the need for an oversize permit. It is especially useful for transporting construction equipment, ag machinery, large vehicles, and other oversized cargo that is not fit for a dry van.

Another benefit of step deck truck is that they are easier for forklifts to maneuver than traditional flatbeds, as they have a lower level. This means that drivers don’t need to lift their forks as high when bringing their cargo into the trailer, which can save them time and effort.

Moreover, a step deck can handle loads up to 41 inches higher than a standard flatbed trailer before you need an oversize permit. This is great for avoiding extra charges on special permits and processes, as well as ensuring your shipment meets federal shipping and transport regulations.

The best way to determine if your load qualifies as a wide load is to check with the DOT and each state on your route. Penalties for not complying with state requirements can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars in fines.

If you do have wide loads, it is important to find an experienced carrier with step deck trucks and a qualified driver. These drivers can make sure that your freight meets all the DOT requirements and is safely transported across the country.

A step deck trailer is also an efficient and cost-effective option for transporting superloads, or loads that are too tall or too heavy to go in a regular dry van. This type of trailer can carry loads up to 48,000 pounds, which makes it a perfect choice for these types of shipments.

Step decks are a common trailer type for transporting superloads, but they can also be used for normal freight that is too tall or too large for flatbeds. They are available in a variety of forms, including single drop decks, double drop trailers with detachable decks, lowboy flatbeds, and stretch drop decks.

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