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Things you should check when buying a used mobile phone online

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It is true that the excitement of buying a new mobile phone cannot be replaced with a used phone. But sometimes, our budget may not allow us to get a brand-new phone. We might have to settle for the less costly options such as used phones. You can find budget-friendly mobile phones in UAE from used phone sellers so that you don’t have to compromise on your favourite brand. While buying used phones online or offline, there are certain things you should keep in mind if you don’t want to waste that hard-earned money. 

1. The cover box and other documents 

You should check and confirm that all the original accessories of the phone are available in the box. Do not get deceived by the fake replacements of accessories while buying mobile phones online. Check for the original invoices and the active warranty card of the device inside the box. 

 2. Check the battery health 

Battery damage is one of the most encountered issues on smartphones. When you are buying a used phone, it is important to check the battery’s health and the rate of battery drainage. While you are using the phone keep an eye on how much battery is consumed per five minutes. It may not be as good as a new mobile phone, but you should watch out if the battery is draining too fast. 

3. Physical inspection of ports and screen 

The phone may look all good at first glance, but there are chances for minute scratches on the display, which you can’t figure out with the screen off. It would help if you examined the mobile phone with the screen lights on to look for hidden screen scratches. If there are so many scratches visible on the phone, it indicates the phone’s age or rough use. If there are several cracks on it, the phone might have fallen to the floor several times. You might have to think twice before buying such phones. Another common issue faced by phones is water damage. Water damage is easy to hide, so you must carefully check the screen and charging port to inspect the traces of water damage. 

Connect the phone to the charger and see whether the charging port is working without issues. Plug into the headphone jack and check the sound quality of the speakers and the mic. If you are purchasing the mobile phone online, opt for open-box deliveries. 

4. Be careful of stolen phones sale 

Another red flag while buying a used phone is the scam of stolen phones. You don’t want to get involved in a theft case after purchasing a phone with your money. Make sure to collect the original bill of the device from the seller. Check with the mobile phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to see whether the details in the bill match the device. 

5. Perform a factory data reset 

It is very important to perform a factory data reset while you are buying a used smartphone. Erase all the data and sign-in records of the previous owner from the phone by resetting the phone. Sign in with your account and check whether all the previous data has been deleted or not. Make sure the phone is not locked with the credentials of the previous owner. 

If you are not confident in examining the phone yourself, you can avail the help of a mobile phone service centre. They will analyse the phone in detail and give you an in-depth quality check of the device. Finding genuine used phone shops is a lot easier if you are shopping for mobile phones online. Using a second-hand phone not only saves you money, but you are also doing your part to protect the environment. 

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