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Over 800 people lose their lives in highway crashes or road accidents yearly. These crashes
and accidents are caused by driver mistakes like speeding, overtaking, aggressive driving
and bad driving decisions. Learn from Safe Driver Monthly how to drive defensively and
attentively, and learn techniques to avoid these collisions. Here are some safety tips to keep
your journey safe.
Stay focused
Focus on driving, ignore distractions during driving and stay focused on the road. Avoid
using mobile phones while driving. Put your cell phone on silent mode to avoid any other
electrical device distracting you while driving. Your hands may be on the wheel, but your
mind and attention are not on driving. If another activity is needed, stop your vehicle in a
safe place instead of trying to do it while going.
Drive defensively
Learn techniques and practice to drive defensively, and take time to educate yourself. About
going skills and knowing how to avoid collisions, follow the traffic rules and learn how to
maintain your vehicle. Alert yourself to traffic conditions and your mental condition. Develop
the necessary skills to operate a car safely. Use common sense to make decisions quickly
and wisely.
Never drove impaired
Don't drive while you are impaired. It is dangerous because of crashes or collisions. Impaired
driving means operating a vehicle while drunk, distracted and sleepy. Don't drink if you plan
to drive.
Speed down
Slow down your speed. Speeding may thrill, but it also causes collisions. It gives you less
time to make decisions. Some roads are designated as low speeds where you should speed
down. Driving over the speed limit can affect you and others.
Maintain your vehicle
Maintaining your car, checking the fluids, and changing the oil once a week might help you
avoid roadside breakdowns. If your vehicle is stuck in traffic and you can't get to the
breakdown lane, get out as soon as it's safe. And wait for assistance in a secure area at the
side of the road.
Buckled up
Always wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of injury in crashes. A seat belt may save your
life. Teenagers are the ones least likely to use seatbelts. Drivers in rural areas, drunk drivers,
and truck drivers
Stop on red
Running a red light is the leading indicator of an intersection collision. Sometimes it's easy
because the motorist was rushing, and other times it's because they weren't paying attention
to the road. The best action is to reduce speed and assess the circumstances before an
Prepare for weather conditions.

Make it a habit to frequently check the weather forecast on TV or online, so you can be
prepared for inclement weather. On days with severe weather, schools and companies may
be closed or open later than usual. If you don't need to travel, think about staying home.
Wrap up
You have trained yourself and your driver under the platform of Safe Driver Dubai Monthly. Use
these pro tips to make your journey risk-free.

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