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What Causes Body Pain And How To Treat It

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Do you often get body aches and pains? What usually causes them? How do you treat them and how long before they disappear?

A lot of us have experienced body aches and pains at some point in our lives. After working out at the gym, lifting large, heavy boxes at work, or getting some type of illness, we often feel tired and sore.

Why Does Your Body Get These Aches And Pains?

There are many reasons why you get body pain. Below are examples of the usual reasons:

Having poor posture – If you slouch a lot, you are putting your neck, shoulders, spine, and hips under unnecessary pressure, increasing your risk of body pain. People who work desk jobs and spend several hours a day in front of the computer often experience this type of pain.

Not warming up before exercising - If you do not usually jog, run, play sports, or lift weights, your muscles, ligaments, and joints are not conditioned for these kinds of activities and are not prepared for the oncoming strenuousness and intensity levels. As a result, they can get overworked and cause you to feel pain later.

Sudden movements – If you try to lift a heavy object by bending down and standing back up very quickly, you might pull a muscle and hurt yourself or get injured.

Aging – As humans grow older, bones, muscles, and other parts degenerate due to the wear and tear of the years. For this reason, body aches and pains are a common occurrence that cannot be avoided.

Certain medical conditions – Getting body pain out of nowhere may signify some underlying condition that is serious or severe. For example, fibromyalgia is a disease that affects the central nervous system and causes muscle stiffness and pain all over.

Certain medications – Some types of medications can cause body pain as a side effect. For example, drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure can make your muscles feel sore and stiff.

Dehydration – Water is important to the body. It ensures that all organs and systems can function properly. If you do not drink enough or are dehydrated, your body cannot perform well, and you may feel tired and/or sore.

Stress – If your work, family, relationships, or finances are causing your stress levels to rise, you can become prone to body pain and you may feel stiff, sore, and tired.

What Is The Best Way To Treat Body Pain?

Body pain can be very disruptive to your daily routines. It can prevent you from being your best self and can become an inconvenience.

To treat it, you have to give yourself a break. Take things slow. Minimize your physical activities, relax, drinks lots of water, and eat healthy.

Try meditation, yoga, and other not-so-intense activities. Consult your doctor and go through a full physical exam.

Look into getting acupuncture treatment too.

If you are in NYC and interested in acupuncture to treat your neck or back pain, look up “Acupuncture For Neck Pain NYC” or “acupuncture for back pain NYC.” The search results of your “acupuncture for neck pain NYC” or “Acupuncture For Back Pain NYC” query should give you listings of acupuncturists and acupuncture clinics in NYC that can help.

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