How To Check If Someone Is Available In Google Calendar

Online Certificate Courses How to Check If Someone is Available in Google Calendar. 

Checking If Someone is Available in Google Calendar

If somebody shares their Google Calendar with you and you want to have a meeting with them, you'll have to check their availability. Without you even viewing their calendar, you can view suggested times that you could get together in the Google Calendar online.


Checking Availability in Google Calendar Online

If you are making use of the Google Calendar on your Mac or Windows 10 PC, checking availability for your guest is very easy. 


1. You'll need to head to the Google Calendar website and then sign in with the Google account that you want to use.


2. On the left side, click the “Search for People” box and begin by entering the name or email address of your guest. Select them from the list and they’ll display in the box.


3. Enter a name or email in Search for People


4. Then you click “Create” in the top-left corner to set up your event with that guest. Enter your desired date and time at the top. Then you have two ways of finding a good time to meet.


5. Create the event and add the date and time


6. First, you can click “Find a Time” to view the guest’s calendar, along with your own, for the date and time you selected.


7. Click Find a Time to see both calendars


8. Secondly, you click “Suggested Times” within the guest area of the event details screen. This will display a drop-down list of times that indicates your guest is available. You can make a selection of one, and your event time will automatically adjust to that time.


9. Click Suggested Times for a list of available times


10. You can also view Suggested Times for guests in the full view of an event details page. You’ll also receive a drop-down list here, and then you can select a time from the list.


11. Choose a time and click “Save” at the top, or continue to add details or attach a file for the event.



How To Check Availability in Google Calendar on Your Mobile Device

You can check someone’s availability also in the Google Calendar app on iPad, iPhone,  and Android. Although you can not see suggested times like online, but you can still see whether they’re free to meet on the date and at the time you have select.


1. First open the Google Calendar app on your device, then you tap the “+” icon in the bottom-right corner, and then tap “Event.”


2. Tap the plus sign and then Event


3. Enter the date and time at the top of your screen, then tap “Add People” beneath. Search for or select the person you want to add and then you tap “Done.”


4. Tap Add People and find your guest


5. Back on the event details on the screen, tap the “View Schedules” located in the guest section. You’ll then see a view that indicates the date and time on the calendar, with colors corresponding to you and your guest.


6. Tap View Schedules to see availability


7. When you set the date and time, tap “Save,” or you can continue to add details to your event.


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