Is It Better To Invest In Bitcoin Or Real Estate?

Online Certificate Courses Is it better to invest in Bitcoin or Real Estate?. 

Is it better to invest in Bitcoin or Real Estate?

Real Estate and Bitcoin are well known investment platforms that generate significant global interest.  Real estate investment is a form of investing that dates back to thousands of years. In contrast, Bitcoin has been around for less than a decade but has already generated a massive ROI greater than that of some traditional investment platform. The comparison between these two distinct investment options arose due to the massive increase in the value of bitcoin, which piqued people's interest in purchasing bitcoin.

Choosing between Real estate and Bitcoin can be perplexing, even for the savvy investor of today. Traditional investors will argue that real estate is the best investment since "land always appreciates." A millennial investor will also argue that bitcoin outperforms all other investment forms, having generated a massive return in less than 12 years. However, as with all investments, they both come with their own set of risks.

A prudent investment will generate a high rate of return for many years to come. On the contrary, if you invest incorrectly, you risk losing everything.

Numerous new investors are keeping an eye on Real Estate and Bitcoin. While all investments involve risk, conducting extensive research and due diligence with the assistance of a business advisor will assist you in making sound investment decisions. 


Understanding Real Estate Investment

For a long period, real estate was one of the best ways to earn money globally. According to Andrew Carnegie, one of America's greatest industrialists, real estate accounts for approximately 90% of millionaires. The term "real estate investment" refers to the process of purchasing properties to resell or rent them for a profit.

Real estate is a multifaceted investment that encompasses the sale of land, the leasing of land, the flipping of homes, and the renting of apartments. Though real estate lost 42.3 percent of its value in the 2008 US housing market crash, it has continued to grow steadily since then. According to the S&P 500 Real Estate index, real estate returns increased by 29% in 2019.

Successful investors excel at one thing: diversification of their portfolios. As a real estate investor, you can earn income from various sources without ever leaving the real estate niche.

However, real estate investment requires considerable effort. Keeping up with property maintenance, upgrades, and repairs requires regular attention. Owners must collect rent and manage utilities, not to mention the fact that some properties are quite expensive upfront.

Although you can sell property, finding interested buyers can be challenging at times. Selling takes time, and you may invest a significant amount of money in upgrading and marketing only to sell at a break-even point. On the other hand, people will always require housing, and thus real estate will remain a necessity.


Understanding Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is the most discussed investment opportunity at the moment. Bitcoin's exponential growth over the last few months has attracted the attention of individual and institutional investors, who are now making purchases. Numerous cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted as a medium of exchange on a global scale. They are a type of cryptocurrency that is backed by blockchain technology. Bitcoin is a superior currency to traditional currencies due to its scarcity and non-inflationary characteristics. Institutional and retail investors are rushing to purchase bitcoin in response to the cryptocurrency's meteoric rise in price over the last few months.

Although bitcoin is a relatively new invention, it is easier to invest in than real estate. You just have to create a free bitcoin wallet, purchase bitcoins, and watch your ROI grow. Bitcoin can be purchased through exchanges from anywhere in the world at any time. The price of 1BTC is currently around $45,000, and analysts predict it will reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. This equates to a massive 55% ROI if the prediction is correct.

Regardless of the attractive ROI, over 90% of the world's population cannot currently afford to purchase 1BTC. Another advantage BTC has over real estate is that any unit of bitcoin can be purchased. You can buy Bitcoin for as low as N5,000, in contrast to real estate, which requires millions of naira to purchase a valuable property.

There are also some risks associated with Bitcoin. Because the currency is digital, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks, particularly if your wallet is hosted on an exchange. Additionally, if you lose access to your wallet, you risk losing your bitcoin holdings. Another significant disadvantage of bitcoin is its erratic nature.

The price could increase by 10% now and collapse by 20% in the next few minutes. This is the degree to which it is brittle. You could easily lose your investment. Bitcoin traders take advantage of this volatility by purchasing BTC at a discount and selling it at a premium, profiting from the price swing.

While building out your investment portfolio, consider your financial situation, risk tolerance, and knowledge to determine whether to purchase bitcoin or real estate. Purchasing Bitcoin is a high-risk investment with the potential for a large reward and low maintenance, whereas real estate is a long-term investment that may provide steady income or result in a large payout down the road. Thus, it depends on your financial situation and the level of risk you are willing to accept in the long run.


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