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Watch Out, Apple Fans: Iphone 14 Is Set To Break Records

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Watch Out, Apple Fans: Iphone 14

With the iPhone 14, can Apple top itself? Experts aren't the only ones who think that. Apple seems to already have an idea of how popular the new iPhones could be.Remove The Invisible Filter On Tiktok On Android And that would mean one thing above all else: Apple is about to break its own records.

July 15, 2022 Update: A report from Sina Finance says that Apple also thinks the next generation of iPhones will be a big hit. After the iPhone 14 comes out, the company told its suppliers to expect sales numbers that are even higher than when the iPhone 13 came out. If Apple doesn't mess up, the 14 series should once again break records.


Even Before It Came Out, The Iphone 14 Was Very Popular In China.

The analyst says that the deposits that wholesalers have to pay to pre-order the iPhone 14 are higher than they have ever been. In some cases, they are probably twice as high as they are with the iPhone 13 (here with a contract).Why Gaming Companies Are Moving Toward A Mobile First Approach This shows that there is a very high demand and a lot of pre-orders from sellers, even before the new iPhone series has been officially shown off.

We can think of two reasons why so many retailers are taking pre-orders: On the one hand, they could expect a lot of people to buy the iPhone 14 when it comes out. The chip crisis could be another reason. Maybe the Chinese wholesalers are buying a lot of the new iPhone 14 models to make sure there won't be a shortage of them in their area.

Kuo thinks that Apple could sell up to 90 million iPhones with contracts in China alone in the second half of 2022. When you think that the new models won't be here until September, that's a lot. The expert's prediction is based on numbers from suppliers that make parts for the next iPhones. More iPhone parts ordered means that Apple will make more iPhones in the end.

Despite Little Innovation

For Apple, this is good news. After all, they seem to suggest that the models in the iPhone 14 series could sell well, even though they probably don't have many real new features. In our iPhone 14 rumour roundup, you can read about what Apple is planning for the next series of phones. The maker doesn't seem to be putting a lot of money into new features, especially for the standard models. People say there aren't many differences between the iPhone 13 (click here for the test) and the iPhone 13. At least, as long as Apple doesn't surprise us with big new ideas that haven't been talked about yet.


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