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Do this if your Windows Firewall Connection Sharing Not Allowed

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In the digital age, where security is paramount, the Windows Firewall serves as a vital safeguard against unauthorized access to your computer. But if you are using Quickbooks, there can be a lot of times when you might have to face issues. One of them is Windows Firewall Connection Sharing Not Allowed and this is a critical problem. However, at times, it can inadvertently block legitimate applications like QuickBooks from establishing network connections. This can hinder the seamless functioning of QuickBooks and disrupt crucial financial operations. 

Understanding the need for a balanced approach, it is important to configure the Windows Firewall to allow QuickBooks access to the necessary network resources. By striking the right balance between security and accessibility, you can ensure that QuickBooks operates smoothly while maintaining the integrity and protection of your data. For better and easier resolution, you can get in touch with our professionals on +1(855)-738-0359


What are the causes of Windows Firewall Blocking QuickBooks?

It's important to troubleshoot these potential causes and properly configure the firewall settings to allow QuickBooks access while maintaining the necessary security measures.

  • The firewall settings may be configured to block QuickBooks or the specific ports used by the application.
  • If the firewall rules haven't been updated to allow QuickBooks access, it may be blocked.
  • Incorrectly configured firewall settings or conflicting rules can result in Firewall blocking QuickBooks on WIndows.
  • Windows updates or QuickBooks updates may trigger changes in firewall settings, causing it to block QuickBooks.
  • Third-party security software or antivirus programs may interfere with QuickBooks' network connectivity, triggering firewall blocks.
  • If the network location is set as "Public" instead of "Private" or "Work," it can cause the firewall to block QuickBooks.


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Solution: Try to put QB in the exception list in the firewall ports

Once you have added the exception for QuickBooks in the firewall ports, restart QuickBooks and check if the Windows Firewall is still interrupting QuickBooks.

  • Start the process by clicking on the “Windows key + R” and then type "control panel," and then click on the Enter button. 
  • Go to the Control Panel and then search for "Windows Defender Firewall" and open it.
  • Click on "Advanced settings" or "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall."
  • In the new window, click on "Inbound Rules" on the left side.
  • Look for any existing QuickBooks entries in the list. If you find it just ensure they are enabled (checkmark next to them). If you are not able to find it just proceed to the next step.
  • After this, you will have to simply click on the "New Rule" button on the right-hand side of the window.
  • Select "Port" and click "Next."
  • Select "Allow the connection" and click "Next."
  • Select when to apply the rule. If unsure, select all.
  • Enter a name and description to easily identify the QuickBooks exception.



Addressing Windows Firewall Connection Sharing Not Allowed issue is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted access and functionality, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their financial operations while ensuring data security. You can get in touch with our experts on +1(855)-738-0359 to get rid of this problem in no time.


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