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How are essential oils beneficial to your hair and skin?

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Herbal treatments are always safe for treating different conditions. Aromatherapy is one such treatment which involves the use of plant extracts. Aroma therapists use essential oils to alleviate different conditions. However, the aroma of these oils plays a role in promoting a natural healing process for your body. But, how does essential oil benefit your hair and skin? You can know about it all when you purchase items from an essential oil wholesaler company.

Thick hair and glowing skin can make everyone beautiful. So, it is important to be aware of the positive effects of essential oils on your hair and skin. A reliable essential oil wholesaler company can help you out.

Essential oils

There are different home remedies to take care of hair. Nowadays, hair care products are infused with essential oils. Manufacturers know that these oils can make hair healthier and stronger. It is also good to make a DIY hair care solution with essential oils. 

Tips for use essential for hair-

A few drops of oil will be effective for your hair. You may blend more than one type of essential oil in your conditioner and shampoo. However, direct contact with essential oils and your scalp can result in irritation. Manufacturers always give instructions on how to dilute essential oils.

It is safe to test the oil on a small part of your scalp to ensure the potential for allergy. Cover your head after the application of oil. Wash the head with water after 30 minutes of oil treatment. 

Which essential oils are best for your hair?

Lavender oil- This plant-derived oil is effective for promoting hair growth and fighting against hair loss. It also promotes blood circulation in your scalp to maintain healthy and strong hair. Lavender oil has a soothing aroma to calm down your nerves.

Rosemary oil- It is best for those who need faster hair growth and thicker hair. The application of this oil restores your scalp tissues and provides an anti-inflammatory solution to thicken your hair.  

Tea tree essential oil- The antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal benefits can be obtained from this oil. It unclogs follicles and ensures faster hair growth. Moreover, it controls dandruff and reduces itchiness in the dry scalp. It also nourishes the roots of hair for growth.

Curly hair will become straight due to the regular use of tea tree oil and rosemary oil. Most importantly, choosing the right essential oils will ensure better scalp and hair health. 

Other essential oils for hair are-

  • Almond oil- Moisturize the scalp.
  • Chamomile oil- Sooth the scalp and make your hair softer
  • Cedar oil- Promote hair growth and stimulate the scalp.
  • Sage oil- For healthy scalp and hair growth 
  • Coconut oil- Add shine to the hair 
  • Geranium oil- Best for stronger hair 
  • Jojoba oil- Effective for moisturizing the hair and adding nutrients to the scalp
  • Sandalwood oil- Make your hair fragrant and prevents dry ends of hair strands. 

Essential oils- How do they take care of your skin?

Essential oils have become the best skin care solution that does not cause negative effects. There are several benefits of using essential oils for the skin.

  • Reduce the risk of scars- Infused with herbs and other natural ingredients, essential oils can alleviate scars and stretch marks. They can also combat ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, they ensure tighter skin and the prevention of sun damage.
  • Prevent itchiness- Rashes can cause itchiness on the skin. Essential oils reduce sebum production to prevent acne. They nourish the skin without causing side effects.
  • Ensure better skin texture- Weather fluctuation can adversely affect skin texture. Some essential oils prevent this problem and make the skin more radiant.  

Essential oils to treat dry skin-

Oil treatment is always good for dry and rough skin. Moisturizers and creams also contain essential oils like-

  • Lavender oil- Lavender oil provides a multipurpose solution that controls the skin’s moisture level. It has anti-inflammatory properties to minimize redness. It is also a natural hydrator for your dry skin.
  • Sandalwood oil- It has special compounds to reduce inflammation and promote the moisture level in your skin.
  • Chamomile oil- Due to the presence of azulene, this oil increases moisture and reduces inflammation. 

Essential oils to manage your oily skin-

Neroli- This oil contains citral and maintains the balance of the sebum level.

Geranium- Due to its alkalinity, geranium oil is added to soap. It is also effective for maintaining a proper hydration level of your skin. 

Frankincense- It highly benefits the acne-prone oily skin and prevents several other issues.   

Rosemary oil- This oil is beneficial to your skin due to its analgesic and stimulating properties. Esters, one of the major ingredients, are best for reducing sebum production. Hair with dandruff and greasy hair can be treated with rosemary oil. 

Clary sage oil- This oil contains active compounds, including geranyl and linalyl. It is also effective in controlling sebum and reducing signs of wrinkles in the ageing skin.

So, you can use these oils for your hair and skin. 

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