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How far back does a hair follicle test detect drugs?

Another issue often brought up is that hair tests pick up more carboxy THC from darker-colored hair, due to the greater presence of eumelanin, which the metabolite bonds with. Similarly, following a healthy dietary plan may also help with this process of metabolizing THC. Additionally, consuming fiber can help to improve digestion and promote bowel movements, which can aid in the elimination of THC metabolites from the body.

These metabolites remain in your system long after weed’s effects have worn off. Faster metabolisms usually have shorter detection windows than those with a slower metabolism. Typically, increased physical activity and staying hydrated help to promote a healthier metabolism and can help to flush out THC faster.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your Hair?

You may test positive for marijuana if you regularly take other drugs that can interfere with a drug test. Marijuana contains the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has a half-life of about hours. This means it can take anywhere from 2-7 days for it to be eliminated from your system. Researchers don’t know how long the effects of chronic cannabis use last. However, it may take 1–3 hours for effects to peak when cannabis is ingested. Many require drinking a lot of water to dilute your urine, and then using herbal supplements such as creatinine or vitamin B12 to mask the dilution.

  • Researchers discovered one participant had THC in their system for at least 24 days after cessation.
  • On average, TCH can be detected on hair samples for up to 90 days after the last consumption of cannabis-based products.
  • Depending on the length of your hair follicles, employers can see whether you’ve used marijuana in the past week or even months.
  • Marijuana stays in your hair for a scary amount of time, but there are several ways to rid your hair of THC metabolites.
  • In the case of a workplace accident, a hair drug test wouldn’t be an appropriate test for detecting recent drug use.

In fact, hair testing is better at detecting the use of other drugs like cocaine and heroin. And while they will indicate that someone has used marijuana in the past few months, they cannot tell you if the person is currently using. If you’re asking because of an upcoming hair follicle drug test, the answer is pretty much https://ecosoberhouse.com/ always around 3 months, because that’s how long these tests go back in time. They use 1,5 inches of your hair, which is approximately the length your hair grown in 3 months. There is some debate about the fact that body hair grows slower than other hair, and so will show a longer history; but this is not the case.

Drugs & Supplements

The main difference between a hair drug test and a urine drug test is the window of detection. The second, called GC/MS, is a widely accepted method for confirming a positive result. This second how long does weed stay in your system test can also test for specific drugs and can detect as many as 17 different drugs. The GC/MS also guards against false-positive results caused by foods like poppy seeds or hemp seeds.

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