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How Make a Boomerang on Instagram 2023?

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There are many interesting and creative ways that you can use Instagram to share your stories and experiences on the platform with your followers and friends on the platform. 

One such feature on Instagram is a boomerang which is quite a popular way to add fun to your Instagram videos and make them more memorable and unique. 

There are many people who do not know how to make a boomerang which is why we have prepared this blog to teach you how you can make a boomerang whenever you want to. 

Boomerang Feature – What is It?

Boomerang is a video feature which allows its users to record a very short video on Instagram, boomerang makes a video look funny and cute video, you can share this boomerang video on your story with your friends and family. 

So, you can make the video of boomerang very easily by following some very simple and quick steps which we are going to tell you in this blog. 

Steps for Making a Boomerang Video for the Users on Instagram 

The first step which you need to follow for how to do a boomerang is to first open Instagram on your device and then you must also log into your account. 

After you have completed the login into your account using the credentials used for login you are now required to get ahead to the second step. 

You have to scroll down to the story option which you will get to find at the bottom of the page. 

On the story option you now have to click on the option of boomerang icon from the menu which you see on the left side of the screen. 

Now you have to select the option for uploading photos or you can also use record button which is there on the centre of the screen to record a new content on the platform. 

When the boomerang is done you will be allowed to do some basic editing in the video such as you will be allowed to draw, write text, turn the sound or off. 

These options will be shown to you in the upper right corner and after you are done with editing like adding text, etc you are ready to publish your boomerang. 

For this you are required to tap on next button and select where you will like to post or send the boomerang which you have just created. 

As soon as you are done posting your boomerang you will see that it starts appearing on your story. 

Now, when you know how you could create boomerang on Instagram you can create one for your account whenever and in any way you want, boomerang also makes the speed of your video fast and plays it in a loop which makes the video look funny. 

We believe that the steps offered by us in this blog for you to guide a boomerang was helpful for you and you got to learn about the entire procedure in a better way.

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