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Preparing For Your Waxing Appointment – 5 Tips To Remember

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The first thing that you should understand about leg waxing is that it is one of the most effective and highly result-oriented ways to remove your unwanted hair. It is also one of the fastest hair removal methods that don't just remove hair in the present but also reduce your overall hair growth as time passes by. The more frequent you are at plucking out your hair from its roots, the finer and more subtle the hair growth is going to be in the future. If you are about to get your first leg waxing appointment, there are a number of things that you should take out the time for. You have to prepare well for this appointment and you don't want anything to go awry. Let's let you in on a few very useful tips to prepare for your day at the nearest salon:

1. Always Plan Ahead For Your Waxing Session

You will have to plan in advance for your waxing session. Remember to book an appointment at least one or two weeks before your big day. If this is a special event, make sure that you never miss your waxing appointment. Decide on the areas that you want to get your hair removed from and talk to the beautician beforehand. There are a few fine hair strands that the wax will not be able to stick to. It will not even be able to hold on to the shaft because they are just so soft and fine, to begin with. Therefore, the harder and denser your hair growth is, the better your results are going to be. This means that letting your hair grow to a certain length and avoiding any trimming or shaving is also going to be a part of your plan.

2. Choose A Different Wax For Different Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you are better off choosing a different kind of wax altogether. There are options for organic arm and leg wax as well. A lot of them are formulated specially to suit specific skin types. Also, the best time to wax your legs or arms is after your monthly cycle. At this point of the month, your threshold for pain increases a lot. Do not get your arms or legs waxed if you are in the middle of your period. Also, if you are prone to tanning or if your skin gets burned easily, it is better to avoid hot wax altogether. Choose cold wax instead.

3. Make Sure There Are No Breakouts Or Cuts

Whether it is your first appointment or you have gotten a waxing appointment several times before, this is the one thing that you will always have to check for. Make sure that you are skin does not have any zits, cuts, bruises, open wounds, or inflammation. If you notice anything unusual on your skin, postpone your waxing appointment. If you have any rashes or any skin allergies or probably if your skin is too dry or just tearing in certain areas, getting waxed is not a good idea at all.

4. Do Not Go Out In The Sun

It is never a good idea to go out in the sun or even try to get a little bit of tan before your waxing appointment. Exposure to the sun is only going to make your skin even more sensitive. So yes, arm or leg waxing is going to be out of the question if you have been to the beach that week wearing your favorite swimsuit. Also, you will become highly prone to getting a sunburn which is not something that you want as you have already discussed above. If you absolutely have to go out in the sun, use a sunscreen lotion preferably in gel form with SPF 50 at least.

5. Refrain From Exfoliating Your Skin

While preparing for their waxing appointment many men and women would want to appear absolutely clean and aesthetic which is a good thing. But exfoliating or rubbing your skin too hard is only going to make it a lot more sensitive. Also, if you want to perform the exfoliation bit, don't do it on the same day. It is a wise decision to put a gap of at least 5 days between exfoliation and waxing. If you do choose to exfoliate your skin one or two days before your waxing session, make sure that you always rub the exfoliant softly. Do not use too much of the product, especially on the areas where you want to get waxed

To Sum It Up For You

Remember, permanent hair removal is always going to be expensive. If you thought that electrolysis was any different from laser hair removal, you need to think again. Laser hair removal requires you to come in for at least one or two sessions in a year which is your maintenance treatment. Electrolysis on the other hand doesn't require you to come in for any maintenance sessions making this an even more expensive procedure. What are you left with? The answer is pretty clear. Waxing seems to be a very evident winner here.

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