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Trending Gender Essay Topics for Students to Consider in 2023

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Gender issues are nowadays being explored in academics from different perspectives. Achieving gender equality is one of the key objectives of sustainable development. Therefore, the curriculum of different institutions is giving importance to making the students capable of understanding the factors influencing the gender gap in modern society. If you are enrolled in a course, you are going to expect a greater number of essays on the gender issue. The gender gap or discrimination in society is a complex concept. Therefore identifying a suitable topic for the gender issue is a challenging task. However, the experts from College Assignment Help USA can suggest suitable topics for the gender gap in 2023.

Trending Topics on Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in the workplace is one of the key concerns in modern society. The widening gender gap is impacting the social position of women. The problems like poverty and low income among women are also increasing due to gender inequality in different organizations. Entry of women into the workplace is affected by multiple barriers such as the biased behavior of management towards them, the care duties performed by women, and the lack of opportunities to grow in certain male-dominated workplaces such as technology and manufacturing. The problem is even higher for women who belong to the minority groups. They are valuable to double discrimination because of their ethnic background and gender. You can choose a topic related to the factors contributing to the growth of women in the workplace, the impact of gender bias in the workplace, the challenges faced by women in male-dominated workplaces, and the intersectionality in the context of gender bias toward working women.

The people, who belong to the LGBTQ community, experience discrimination, social stigma, and exclusion. They are also deprived of fundamental rights such as getting married in some parts of the globe. They are highly vulnerable to violence because of the lack of social acceptability. Contemporary societies are debating over the topics regarding same-sex marriages, the social inclusion of people with minority sexuality, and the protection of their basic rights. You can choose the topics related to comparative analysis of the position of the LGBTQ community in different societies, lack of awareness about their issues, the strategies to address the social stigma faced by them, and the movements targeted to address their problems.

Gender- norms in society are often considered the primary reason behind gender bias among people. Such norms impact the behavior of individuals since childhood in multiple ways. For example, certain colors such as pink or blue are associated with specific genders. Some behavior such as playing with toys or taking part in adventurous Sports is also associated with feminine and masculine traits. The fashion trends also reinforce the conventional gender norms by designing apparel products in masculine and feminine ways.

The role of the media is crucial for shaping the gender norms in society. The media creates different content which aligns with the conventional general rules of male and female. The media is considered as a tool of mass education. Exposure to media can strengthen gender norms among young people in society. Gender norms can also be influenced by cultural values and beliefs. In some cultures, men and women get equal opportunities respective to their gender. They also participate equally in the public and private spheres irrespective of gender. In contrast, women in certain societies experience a greater degree of oppression. The media should portray the positive effects of gender equality to bring changes in society and conventional ideals. The media can also influence the traditional general roles in domestic and professional work in society to mitigate the negative concepts related to the position of women in the public and private spheres.

Gender stereotypes impact the position of women in society. For example, women are often considered capable of studying STEM subjects. It can impact the participation of women in higher education and workplaces. Gender stereotypes are also prevalent in the fashion industry and child care. The presence of women in leadership positions is impacted by the stereotyped ideas of the corporates. You can find a topic related to the negative consequences of gender stereotypes in society for your essay.

If you are not aware of the different nuances of gender issues, the Top Assignment Helpers in US can support you to develop a solid understanding. You also need to reflect on the gender biases which are encountered daily to find new topic ideas.

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