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4 Unpopular Employee Benefits and their Replacement

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A business can’t truly succeed without the efforts of its employees. And so, employers should do whatever they can to facilitate them. After all, this is only going to help their company grow. How? Well, if you are taking care of your employees, they will feel valued and will be motivated to perform their jobs with utmost dedication. And when that happens, your business will thrive.

So, how exactly can you make your employees happy? Well, it’s simple! Listen to them and offer great benefits. If you truly want to go over the top, you can reward the highest performers by buying them a subscription to Spectrum internet deals. This will surprise them!

4 Least Popular Employee Benefits Which Need to Be Changed

There are some employers who don’t really care about their employees all that much and offer perks that are not very popular. You don’t have to be one of them. And so, to help you, this article is going to list four unpopular employee benefits that you should replace them with. So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

#1. Zero-Hour Contracts

This is a very common term that almost every employee must be familiar with. But if you are not, then don’t worry! A zero-hour contract relates to the employees’ work and employment contract. This type of contract provides a lot of flexibility to the workers. And it is ideal for those who don’t want to work full-time. While this may capture the attention of many, this kind of contract can quite easily cause stress to employees regarding their employment. For instance, the employees may worry that they are not getting regularly scheduled hours of work.

So, what should employers replace zero-hour contracts with? Well, they can replace it with 8-hour contracts or something similar. This way, the employees will have surety that they will be receiving regular working hours.

#2. Dress-Down Fridays

You may remember the time when everyone used to become so excited about the non-school uniform days. After all, it was a day where students got to dress comfortably. This same trend is followed in offices. Some companies have dress-down Fridays that allow employees to wear their most comfortable clothes to work.

However, when the lockdown was imposed due to the pandemic, the employees became so used to wearing their comfy clothes that they now find it hard to wear office wear. So, why not relax them a little? Instead of dress-down Fridays, you can work on making the dress code a bit more casual so that your workers can ditch the smart wear.

#3. Rigid or No Options

Many businesses define employee perks on their own. And in some cases where they do offer options, they put restrictions. You shouldn’t do this! In fact, you should try and offer them a choice to decide for their own benefit. This will make them happy knowing that they can choose a perk of their own liking. You can also introduce a program in your company where the employees will have the freedom to select whichever benefit they like. Also, don’t put any restrictions on time as well. This will definitely make your staff happy, and they would be motivated to perform better.

#4. Unlimited Food

Who doesn’t like food, right?! And though it may sound like a great idea, this may not be a good perk. This is because it can go very stale quite quickly. Also, some employees will view this perk as unhealthy. After all, processed foods and snacks are not good for health and can cause problems. Sure, it can be an exciting benefit for some. The temptation will be there, and people can go and consume the snack whenever they feel like it. But it will not be fair to everyone. Why? Well, simply because there will be people with different allergens and tastes.

You can offer free food and snacks to employees but don’t label it as a perk. You should consider replacing it with another benefit which could promote healthy living. For instance, you can provide your staff with a free gym membership.


Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. After all, they are the ones who steer the business towards success. Therefore, employers should go above and beyond in making sure that their staff is happy. They can avoid giving the aforementioned benefits and instead replace them with the appropriate perks for starters. Moreover, employers should offer some flexibility to the employees so they can feel valued.

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