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Victony WA305 WiFi extender setup

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Are you having difficulty getting your mobile devices to connect to your wifi network? Even after connecting to a wifi network, are you experiencing slow network speed? Do you want to have a high-speed, seamless network across your house without having to worry about dead spots? Bring the Victony Wa305 wifi extender into your home if you answer "yes" to any of the completely explained. It offers a comprehensive answer to all of your network and connectivity problems. A wifi range extender called the Victony Wa305 expands the range of your wifi, removing any dead spots around your home. Learn more about the VICTONY WA305 wifi extender Setup here.

Features of the Victony Wa305 Extender

  • Victony Wa 305 serves its consumers some breathtaking features that let them take full advantage of smooth data browsing via the wifi network.
  • The Victony Wa305 performs a number of tasks to cut down on the number of appliances.
  • It functions as a repeater and extender of the wifi network's coverage.
  • It is possible to set this device to act as a wireless access point that transforms wired networks into wireless ones.
  • It also serves as a wireless router, instantly creating a secure wireless network.
  • The Victony Wa305 extender gives you comfortable access to the internet for web browsing, video conferencing, and more thanks to its 300 Mbps transmission rate.
  • You may simply enjoy online browsing wherever in your home or office with the extender's two external antennas.

Victony Wa305 setup using web browser

  • web browser setup for the victony Wa305 
  • Connecting the PC to the network of the extender
  • the windows
  • Remove any ethernet cables from the computer if they are present.
  • To join the wireless network of the extender, open the taskbar and select the wifi icon.
  • Victony Extender 2.4GHz or Victony Extender 5GHz will be the name of the extender's wifi network, accordingly.
  • Applied to Mac computers,
  • Unplug the ethernet cable from the Mac computer if it is connected.
  • To join the extender's wifi network, click the wifi symbol in the upper (right) corner of the screen.
  • The wifi network name for the extender will either be Victony Extender 2.4GHz or Victony Extender 5GHz.

Note:- If you need any help regarding your victony wa305 wifi extender so contact our technician or visit that official website that is ap wifi range extender setup.

Victony Wa305 wifi extender setup using WPS button

The WPS button is connected to each host router and extender.

  • Press the WPS button for around two seconds on your host router.
  • Likewise, for around two seconds, push the WPS button on your extender.
  • After some time, the signal LED will turn completely blue, indicating that the connection made with the WPS button was successful.
  • And that's all there is to it; "Enjoy the swift and reliable wifi web browsing from any location in your home, removing all dead zones."

Firmware Update for the Victony Wa305 wifi extender

By updating the extender's firmware, you can ensure improved extender performance. The extender's firmware can be updated by performing the easy steps listed below:

  • Open the company's official website and download the most recent firmware.
  • Enter the login and password you created for the extender on the website ap.setup.
  • Click Settings, then select System Tools.
  • Choose "Firmware upgrade"
  • Look through the firmware file you received and select upgrade.
  • After the upgrade, restart the extender.
  • Great, the firmware for your extender has been updated successfully.

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