How An Android Phone Can Be Forced To Restart When It’s Not Responding

Online Certificate Courses How An Android Phone Can be Forced To Restart When It’s Not Responding. 

How An Android Phone Can be Forced To Restart When It’s Not Responding

Rebooting an Android device usually is a very simple thing to do. But that is not the case when you observe that your Android phone or tablet is stuck and won’t want to respond to any function.

Here we will take you through how you can force restart your Android handset.

The specific situation that we will be talking about is a situation when the screen of your Android or tablet is unresponsive and the power button does nothing. Usually, if you notice that an app is frozen, you can still navigate your way to the home screen or better still you can reboot the phone like normal. However, if you now notice that the entire phone is stuck, you’ll need to try something else to normalize the function.


This Is Not The Factory Reset

It’s very important for you to note that what we are doing here is not the factory reset. A factory reset is a situation when you completely wipe your device of all the data and it starts over from scratch. 

What we will be taking you through is sometimes called thehard reset” or “hard reboot.” The only thing you are doing here is restarting the device, you are not deleting anything. It may feel like what you are doing is something “wrong,” but be rest assured that this process is totally harmless to your device.


Performing a Hard Restart/Reboot

Some of the Android devices have different special button combinations to do the hard reboot, but there’s just one trick that almost always works for any of the device.


1. All you need to do is pressing and holding the power button for at least a minimum of 20-30 seconds. It is going to feel like a long time, but just keep holding it until you see the device power go off.


2. The Samsung devices have a slightly swift method. Press and hold the down key of the volume button along side the power/side key for just seven seconds.


3. It’s really as simple as that! Just Press, hold, and simply wait.


Remove The Battery

1. This method is not too relevant as it used to be before, but still it will apply to some devices. If the Android device you are using has a removable battery, you can just pull it out to reboot it. 

2. Carefully remove the cover back of your phone and gently pry the battery out as safely as you can. Wait for just a few seconds, and then you can put it back in. Power back on the device like you normally would.

You’re all good to go! An unresponsive Android phone can be a pain in the neck, and you might be thinking that something serious is wrong with your phone, but in most cases, just a simple reboot will solve the problem in a glimpse. You are free to start enjoying your device as normal.


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