How To Send Your Emails To Recipients That Are Undisclosed In Gmail

Online Certificate Courses How to Send Your Emails to Recipients That are Undisclosed in Gmail. 

How To Send Your Emails To Recipients That Are Undisclosed in Gmail

If you’re preparing to send an email in Gmail to a vast number of undisclosed recipients, you may want to hide their email addresses from others. It’s pretty easy to do by making use of the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature.


Sending Emails to Undisclosed Recipients in Gmail on the Web

It’s very possible to send emails without identifying each of the recipients just by sending the email as a BCC to certain addresses. If you are going to do this using Gmail in your web browser, you'll need to open the Gmail website first and then select the “Compose” button to open a new message.


1. In the Gmail web interface, you'll press the "Compose" button to begin sending a new email.


2. If you want to reply to (or you are forwarding) an email at the end of an existing email chain, now select the reply button that Pops-Out in the top-right corner of the quick reply box just for you to be able to make changes to the intended recipients.


3. To add the BCC fields to a quick reply box at the end of an existing email chain, you will press the "Pop-Out Reply" located at the button in the top right.


4. In the “New Message” box, you can compose the email message to your own specifications, adding the subject and the email body text as required (or you can also edit it, if you’re replying to or forwarding an existing email chain).


5. You can add also a main recipient (that can be shared with all other recipients) in the “To” field box, but note that this isn’t required. To add a BCC recipient and to hide that recipient’s email address from the message, however, you need to select the “BCC” option positioned to the right side of the “To” field box.


6. To add one or more BCC recipients, you'll have to press the "BCC" option, that is located to the right of the "To" box.


7. This will insert a “BCC” box immediately below the side of the “To” field. Add the various email addresses or the email lists that you wish to send your message to before you select “Send” to send the email.


8. Now type the intended hidden recipients into the "BCC" field box, then you press "Send" to send the message.


9. Once it’s opened, the email addresses that you’ve placed in the “BCC” field box will then be hidden from all of the other recipients (including other BCC recipients). All of the other elements that are in the email will then remain visible, however, including any of the standard or carbon copy (CC) email addresses.


Note: You can't make use of these methods for large mailings. According to Google, the free Gmail is meant for personal use only, not for bulk mailing. If you try to add a large group of recipients in the Bcc field, you will notice that the entire mailing may fail.


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