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Oral Care: How Dental Exams And Cleaning Boost Your Health?

Health Management. 

Many people visit the dentist only when they have a toothache. However, preventative care remains the best way to maintain good oral health. Dental exams and cleanings are essential to protect the teeth and gums from harm.

During these visits, dentists may clean the teeth and take X-rays. They examine the mouth for potential diseases, such as oral cancer, and may complete a fluoride treatment. These visits should occur every six months or according to the dentist's schedule, so make seeing a local dentist a priority. 


  • Why Are Cleanings Necessary?
  • What Benefits Come with Dental Exams and Cleanings?
  • Conclusion

Why Are Cleanings Necessary?

If people brush their teeth daily, why do they need professional cleanings? These cleanings remove tartar that daily brushing can't get. This tartar increases a person's risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Anyone prone to dental health issues should see a dentist regularly to reduce the risk of these problems. This includes smokers, diabetics, men and women with heart disease, and those who suffer from dry mouth.

What Benefits Come with Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Preventative care reduces the risk of developing cavities and other dental issues, tooth loss, gum disease, and more. If a problem is spotted during the exam, the dentist can provide a treatment to halt its progression and minimize the risk of needing more complex care, which typically comes with a higher price tag.

When treating a patient, the dentist checks for signs of oral health issues. For example, a dentist is the one who usually spots oral cancer. They can then begin treatment immediately or refer the patient to a medical professional who can help them address the problem.

During visits, the dentist and their team will educate patients on healthy oral habits. They may show a mom how to care for her newborn's teeth or teach a child how to brush and floss properly to prevent tooth decay. The dentist can also recommend a good diet for oral health and help patients overcome bad habits that harm their teeth and gums.

Many people aren't aware that a dentist may be the first to find signs of a medical condition when they examine a patient's mouth. For example, thyroid disease, diabetes, and heart disease may affect the mouth and gums. If the dentist sees any signs of these conditions that concern them, they refer the patient to their medical doctor for additional care.

Regular dental visits help a person maintain good overall health. Regular cleanings prevent gum disease and may reverse gingivitis. If left untreated, these oral health conditions can increase a person's risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health issues. Furthermore, regular exams and cleanings are good for mental health. People are more confident when their teeth are healthy and white.

A person can actually save money by seeing the dentist regularly. Preventing dental issues is much less expensive than treating existing ones. Furthermore, the person's smile is more pleasing, which is essential to a person's social life.


Finally, a dentist manages the patient's oral health conditions and provides treatments designed to prevent further damage. These exams and cleanings are critical to any oral health treatment plan. Without them, the treatment won't be as successful.

Every person should see a dentist regularly. While very few people look forward to these visits, the benefits of an exam and cleaning are immense. Make an appointment today. You won't regret it when you discover how good your teeth feel after this visit.

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