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Different Career Opportunities Available After SAP Certification

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SAP’s broad modules enable it to manage data and allow clients to communicate with a single unified system. However, due to its complexity and difficulty, SAP adoption necessitates experience and proper understanding. That’s why SAP certification is a highly sought-after technology with several employment options. The growing number of ERP software modules requires the usage of SAP-certified specialists for each module. Moreover, there are several employment prospects in this industry if you look into them. Therefore, to cover such requirements, it is necessary to go for SAP Online Classes. Such training will make you proficient in this domain and help you stand out from your peers.

SAP Certification: Meaning

An SAP certification validates your competency to engage with SAP products and systems. It includes financial planning, supply chain management, customer experience management, and human resources. However, you can divide these certificates into three levels;


This certification level validates the applicant as having all of the requisite core skills and knowledge to begin performing professional services. However, those holding associate-level certification(s) can move to the next level of learning, such as providing professional services in a job or as a consultant.


The certificates at the specialist level focus on a single position or integration component. Moreover, organizations hire SAP-certified individuals for intermediate to upper-level roles.


The most complex SAP certification classes are at the professional level. This form of certification assures that the candidate is well-versed in their subject of accreditation.

Career Opportunities Available After SAP Certification

After completing SAP Certification, you can explore different career options in the below modules.

SAP Sales & Distribution Module

This certification is open to graduates from any subject. Some of the usual roles in this module include; SAP trainees, senior designers, SAP SD end users, functional consultants, SAP CRM functional consultants, and the SAP project manager and team leader would all be involved. This qualification receives value in the wholesale, retail, and logistics domains, and those who successfully finish it get to pick the field in which they want to operate.

Financial Accounting & Controlling

It is one of the excellent accreditations that has taken the financial world by storm. After this training, one can pursue a variety of consulting opportunities. This might include everything from an SAP FICO consultant to an SAP FI consultant to an SAP functional consultant and an SAP CO consultant. Moreover, candidates who pass this test will have more chances ahead of them. After completing this certification, one can work as a project manager, module lead, costing manager, or process developer.

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Customer Relationship Module

Currently, this module is gaining popularity in the services industry. However, several designations are available to you after completing this certification. These include SAP CRM functional consultants, technical consultants, customer relationship management managers, and SAP project managers.

SAP Human Capital Management Module

As the name implies, this qualification will benefit applicants who want to work in human resources. Due to the high compensation structure here, the HR field has fierce competition. However, the qualifications in this field will help you stand out. After completing this course, you must work as an SAP MM consultant, an HR generalist, an SAP HCM general consultant, or an SAP HR functional consultant. Also, this degree will help you get a job as an HR officer, HR assistant manager, HR recruiter, or HR executive.

SAP Payroll Module

Companies in India did not invest in different payroll employees as usually, the HR department handles payroll in an organization. However, this situation is changing, and most businesses now have specialized payroll teams. So, if you want to work in such teams finishing your SAP payroll module will offer you an advantage over your competition.

Quality Management

SAP quality management is in high demand across different businesses. After finishing this program, one can pursue a career as a system specialist, functional consultant, advising consultant, or quality engineer. These days, government authorities and business agencies in charge of implementing different environmental safety measures want to do so under the supervision of someone who has completed this particular qualification. As a result of reviewing the above job options, you should have realized that the world of SAP offers limitless possibilities. You only need to hunt for the proper SAP certification for this situation.


To conclude, we have compiled the different career opportunities available after the SAP Certification. These job opportunities make you aware of the demand for SAP in the industry. So, if you want to make a career in this domain, SAP Training in Gurgaon is the best option.

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