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How Digital Marketing Agencies Helped Startups Achieve Explosive Growth

Digital Marketing Agencies . 

Digital Marketing is an altogether different ballgame for startups, unlike how it goes for traditional businesses. According to an eye-opening survey of USA-based startups, there are quite a few challenges your startup business needs to overcome to succeed with its online marketing. This article focuses on these challenges and the best ways your startup can overcome them and keep pace with the competition in the face of an ever-growing competition and changing technological landscape.

Gone are the days when digital marketing was a “breakthrough” and a new addition to the marketing field. We have now reached a stage where it has become a necessity.

The market in all industry sectors is crowded and full of cutthroat competition. If you plan to launch a startup, you can only survive if you can stand out from the crowd and establish your unique brand.

Smaller companies also face this problem. No matter what products and services you offer, there will always be a number of companies that are already market leaders and doing the same thing. Such companies often spend their entire lifecycle trying to get the traction they want from their customers.

This is where the power of digital marketing comes in! Here is a guide to Startup Success with Digital Marketing Agencies.

Why consider hiring a digital marketing agency?

Customers have become increasingly selective in their approach and require personalized services delivered efficiently through digital marketing. If you manage to climb the SERP ladder and gain good visibility, your new business can blow up on the internet in no time! This brings us to an important factor influencing the importance of digital marketing.

1. Highly competitive market

The fact that more than 50 percent of startups or small businesses fail in their initial four years itself can be indicative of the tough market competition the startups get to face before establishing themselves into successful brands. In the fiercely competitive online marketplace, while your startup gets a level-playing field alongside the biggest players in the industry, making your presence felt despite their powerful aura – with your limited marketing budget is quite a challenge.

How a digital marketing agency can help — A digital marketing agency puts its market experience and domain expertise into creating your strong brand identity through the right branding message, the right kind of content, and its appropriate distribution across the right kind of marketing channels.

2. Lack of clear-cut marketing strategy

While most startups do have a broader idea of what the key goals of their internet marketing are, most of them do not have a digital strategy in place. The research indicated that about 71% of the startup businesses lacked a documented digital strategy. According to the research almost 59% of startups responded that they are looking for brand awareness from their digital marketing; however, in the absence of a clear strategy, it can be tricky to target their efforts to achieve this.


How a digital marketing agency can help– About 69% of startups use free analytical tools to track their digital marketing success which means that they are strongly interested in achieving a control over the direction in which their digital marketing is working. A digital marketing agency complements the startup’s efforts with a strategic approach backed by their extensive industry experience. This helps them adopt a targeted approach to their marketing efforts and be a lot more efficient with their already limited resources.

3. Execution with focused & consistent efforts & resources

The survey also revealed that at least 37% of the US based startups handle their own marketing despite the absence of any background experience. However, if the startup needs to take care of its marketing efforts along with its business -critical operations, it can lack focus and consistency in its efforts and resources which are very important for successful execution. And without consistent efforts and focus, even the best plans can fail.


How a digital marketing agency can help– The survey revealed that the startup businesses agreed that Content Marketing, Social Media, and SEO are not only the important areas to focus on in the coming years, but these are also the areas wherein they feel the need of expert help. An expert digital agency can add significant value with their expertise in operating social media and SEO tools and techniques in addition to the business insight they put into their marketing success.

4. Limited budget for marketing & in general

The survey uncovered the fact that about 58% of the startups accepted that they assign more than 75% of their yearly marketing budget to Digital Marketing. Yet, with their limited capital investment, it is usually difficult for them to decide what the best areas of marketing (in terms of ROI) to focus on are. While 65% of the startups admitted that they have never considered formal training in digital marketing, yet, 37% also mentioned that they handle their own digital marketing on their own despite the lack of any background experience.


How a digital marketing agency can help– Due to the limited funds, the startups neither consider hiring the services of a digital agency nor opt for a formal training program in digital marketing and decide to invest their resources in making online marketing efforts without the required experience and direction. This gives them little to no control over their success despite investing their resources, so it can eventually prove to be even more expensive for them due to the risk involved. With their clear strategic approach, a digital marketing agency, on the other hand, helps them plan their marketing budget properly to ensure success in the online marketplace.

5. Doubt that it will bring returns

Despite all these advantages, startups have severe doubts that investing a part of their marketing budget in a digital marketing agency can bring significant returns. This is the reason why a mere 8% of startups outsource their digital marketing to a consultant or an agency.

Find the Perfect Digital Marketing Agency Partner for your Startup

Find the Perfect Digital Marketing Agency Partner for your Startup that can help—Digital marketing agencies have the experience to adopt a result-oriented approach to every marketing project they undertake. With a command over sophisticated tools and techniques and analytical expertise, they cannot only steer your online marketing in the right direction but also track your business success effectively.


So, if startups need to take their business to the next level regarding online visibility and are serious about doing business in the long term, allocating a part of their marketing budget for expert help is the way to go. At the end of the day, they will need to take this leap of faith and follow a long-term digital strategy to establish their brand in the market. Only industry experts can offer strategic, consistent, focused efforts backed by market insight and experience.

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