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How to download a videos from twitter

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Since its auspicious beginnings in 2006, Twitter has gone a long way. What began as a place for people to vent their emotions has grown into a massive hub for the distribution and consumption of all kinds of media online.

Many of the videos that are posted on Twitter also exist on more widely used sites like YouTube. Yet, you'll find that downloading a video from Twitter is not a simple task. While Twitter itself doesn't provide this functionality, there are plenty of third-party web apps that will get the job done in no time.

Today, I'll show how I can easily and quickly save videos from Twitter to my Android phone.

You've probably seen a video on Twitter that you'd like to capture or preserve, but you've wondered whether and how that's even possible.

A fortunate reality is that it's simpler than you may imagine.

How to download videos from Twitter with a few easy clicks.

You should start by locating the video you wish to save:
Here's the URL to copy: Copies the link in the tweet once you've located a video you want to download.

The address can be copied from the address bar of your browser. You may also pick "copy link to tweet" from the share menu in the tweet's upper right corner.

To copy a link from a tweet while using the app, go to your mobile device's share menu and tap the button in the bottom right corner of the tweet.
To obtain the video file, you must use a third-party website. Because you already have the URL copied, you can proceed to Twitter video download page.

After visiting there, you may then paste the link you copied and click the download button.
Download videos from iOS
To start downloading a video from Twitter, open the app, navigate to the tweet containing the video, and then hit the share button.
Choose "Share Tweet via" and then "Copy URL."
You can open a new tab in your browser by entering the Documents by Readdle app and tapping the compression icon in the app's lower right corner.
Copy the link and then go to Twitter Video Download Online and paste it into the address bar.
At last, select the quality you want, then save the video to your computer.

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